Meningitis Nursing Care Plan


Nursing Diagnosis

Acute pain

Related to
  • infection process
  • toxin in the circulation
Nursing Intervention for Meningitis:
  • Place the ice bag on his head, cool clothing above the eyes, provide a comfortable head position a little bit high, range of motion exercises and active or passive masage neck muscles.
  • Support to find a comfortable position (head rather high-).
  • Give range of motion exercises active / passive.
  • Use a warm moisturizer, neck or hip.

Nursing Diagnosis

Impaired Physical Mobility

Related to
  • neuromuscular damage.
Nursing Intervention for Meningitis:
  • Assess the degree of immobilization of the patient.
  • Assistive range of motion exercises.
  • Give skin care, massage with moisturizer.
  • Check the area experiencing tenderness, give air mattresses or water body alignment are functionally notice.
  • Provide training programs and the use of mobilization.