Acromegaly Nursing Care Plan

 Nursing Diagnosis for Acromegaly

  1. Disturbed body image
    • related to : enlargement of body parts as manifested by enlarged hands, feet and jaw.
  2. Ineffective coping
    • related to : change in appearance as manifested by verbalization of negative feeling about the change in appearance.
  3. Disturbed sensory perception
    • related to : enlarged pituitary gland as manifested by protrusion of eye balls.
  4. Disturbed sleeping pattern
    • related to : soft tissue swelling as manifested by verbalization of the patient about insomnia.
  5. Fluid volume deficit
    • related to : polyuria as manifested by excessive thirst of the patient.
  6. Anxiety
    • related to : change in appearance and treatment as manifested by verbalization of the patient about body appearance.
  7. Knowledge deficit :
    • regarding development of disease and treatment as manifested by repeated questions by the patient regarding disease and treatment.
Nursing Diagnosis: Disturbed Body Image related to the disease at the stage of development.

Within 2-3 weeks the client will have returned positive body image.

Nursing Interventions
  • Encourage clients to want to express their thoughts and feelings about body appearance changes.
    • Rationale: Information from the client can determine the location of the discomfort as well as to determine the next action.
  • Help clients identify the strengths and positive aspects that can be developed by the client.
    • Rationale: Positive Aspects of the client is able to foster confidence in the client.
  • Collaboration of drugs.
    • Rationale: Given the client with acromegaly, to reduce the size of the tumor.
  • Observation of the side effects of drug delivery.
    • Rationale: Orthostatic hypotension, gastric irritation, nausea, abdominal cramps, and constipation.