Tube Feeding


  • Tube feeding is the introduction of nourishment into the stomach by mechanical means through the hose and/or mouth.
Points to Remember:
  1. Give mouth care frequently at least 4 times daily.
  2. Wet lips and mouth frequently.
  3. If not contraindicated, let patient chew some solid food but do not allow him to swallow.

Tray with:

  • Feeding tube of appropriate size
  • Lubricant, water may do
  • OS and kidney basin
  • Syringe and small funnel
  • Bed protector and rubber apron
  • Bath towel
  • Bowl containing the nourishment
Preparation of Patient:
  • Same as in lavage
  1. The same as in lavage until the tube is inserted.
  2. After the tube has been inserted and is sure to be in the stomach, the nourishment is introduced using any of this methods:
    1. Connect funnel to the tubes and pour the nourishment into the funnel slowly. Hold funnel at a height which will alloy, the solution to enter the stomach.
    2. If given by gravity drip method) connect feeding tube with the drip set connected with the bottle of nourishment.
    3. If given by syringe, inject the nourishment thru the tube, climinating as much air as possible
  3. Flush tube with drinking water.
  4. Wait a few minutes, then clamp tube close to the mouth or nose and withdraw gently. If tube is left for subsequent feeding, secure tube in ph-ice adhesive tape along the side of the face- in front of the ear or along the nose and the forehead. Clamp the free and of the tube.
  5. Make patient comfortable.
  6. Clean equipment and keep.
  • Record time, kind of feeding, person who inserted the tube, amount of food taken and patient’s reactions