Surgical Dressing Technique

 I. Purpose:

To assist with or to apply a surgical dressing

II. Equipment:
  • Sterile dressing container with:
    • 1 Tissue Forceps
    • 1 Round Nose Forceps
    • 1 Mayo Scissors
  • Sterile Towel
  • Pick-up forceps in solution
  • Solution (iodine, zephiran, alcohol 70%, Benzene or other, etc.)
  • Bed Screen p.r.n
  • Sterile sponge 4 x 4
  • Sterile cotton balls
  • Sterile top dressing
  • Kidney basin
  • Adhesive tape
  • Bandage scissors
  • Bed protector p.r.n
  • Paper bag
III. Procedure:
    1. Explain procedure to patient. Screen the bed and make patient comfortable.
    2. Expose area to be dressed. Protect beddings p.r.n.
    3. Remove adhesive and outer dressings and discard in paper bag or kidney basin lined with paper.
    4. Set sterile field, using pick-up forceps to remove sterile articles from the containers:
      1. Place towel open to two thickness, on bed near, dressing or on patient’s bedside table.
      2. Put out enough dressings and cotton balls on sterile towel. (Use judgment in setting out the supplies.)
      3. Place thumb forceps and hemostat so that handles are over the edge of the towel.
    5. Remove inner dressings with forceps.
    6. Using the hemostat, cleanse area with prescribed solution.
      1. Pick-up sponge with hemostat pour solution over it.
      2. Clean incision line first. Discard sponge. Repeat until clean than clean area around wound.
    7. Apply medicine ordered.
    8. Apply dressings and secure with tape.
    9. Make patient comfortable and take equipment away.