Sitz Bath

 Purpose of Sitz Bath:

  1. To aid healing a wound in the area by cleaning on discharges and slough
  2. To induce voiding in urinary retention
  3. To relieve pain, congestion and inflammation in cases of:
    1. Hemorrhoids
    2. Tenesmus
    3. After proctoscopic or cycloscopic examination
    4. Sciateca
    5. Uterine and renal colic
  4. To induce menstruation.
  • Menstruating or pregnant women
  • Sitz tub half filled with water 105F
  • Pitcher of water 130F
  • Bath thermometer
  • Ice cap-with cover
  • Fresh camisa
  • Bath towel
  • Bath blanket
  • Rubber ring p.r.n.
Preparation of Equipment:
  1. Take all necessary equipment to bathroom or treatment room.
  2. Run water into tub and check temperature—105F
  3. Place rubber ring at bottom of tub p.r.n. or line bottom with towel.
Sitz Bath Procedure:
  1. Help patient undress and drape with bath blanket. Pin at the back.
  2. Help patient set in the tub bringing the blanket covering him around the shoulder and over the edge of the tub.
  3. Place ice cap on the head.
  4. Place folded towel at the edge of the tub where the patient’s back rests and place another towel under the knees where they rest on the interior edge of the tub.
  5. Gradually raise the temperature of the water to 115-F by pouring hot water at the sides of the tub. Let patient soak for 20-30 minutes.
  6. After the Treatment, dry patient thoroughly, and put on fresh gown. Let patient sit on a chair for a while before taking him back to bed.

NOTE: Use aseptic technique if there is lesion or in the area, disinfect tub.

Chart: Time, duration, drug added to water p.r.n. and effect on patient.