Nursing Jurisprudence


It embraces:

  1. All laws enacted by the legislative body.
  2. All regulations promulgated by those in authority.
  3. Court decisions.
  4. Formal principles upon which laws are based.
Nursing Jurisprudence
  • Defined as the department of law that comprises all the legal rules and principles affecting the practice of nursing. It includes not only the study but also the interpretation of all these rules and principles and their application in the regulation of the practice of nursing.
  • It deals with:
  1. All laws, rules and regulations.
  2. Legal principles and doctrines governing and regulating the practice of nursing.
  3. Legal opinions and decisions of competent authority in cases involving nursing practice.
Sources of Nursing Jurisprudence in the Philippines

The sources are the following:

  1. The Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, particularly the Bill of Rights.
  2. Republic Act No. 7164 otherwise known as the Philippine Nursing Law of 1991.
  3. Rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Nursing and/or Professional Regulation Commission pertaining to nursing practice.
  4. Decisions of the Board of Nursing and/or Professional Regulation Commission on nursing cases.
  5. Decisions of the Supreme Court on matters relevant to nursing.
  6. Opinions of the Secretary of Justice in like cases.
  7. The Revised Penal Code.
  8. The New Civil Code of the Philippines.
  9. The Revised Rule of Courts.
  10. The National Internal Revenue Code as amended