Nursing Care of the Dying

 Routine Procedures to be done as Symptoms of Approaching Death Develop:

  1. Notify the doctor.
  2. Notify relatives and friends.
  3. Call for priest or minister.
  4. Call supervisor and Headnurse.
  5. Provide privacy (by screening if in the ward).
  1. Warm the cooling extremities by the application of blankets and prevent draft.
  2. See that the bedding is light in weight and when the gown is wet with perspiration should be changed.
  3. Rub the skin gently with alcohol 70%
  4. Place patient in a comfortable position preferably on his side and support back with pillows with head part elevated.
  5. Turn him toward the light. Never, darken the room.
  6. Make the room airy.
  7. Give special care to the mouth. Relieve excessive dryness of the lips by applying mineral oil with cotton applicator.
  8. Give water on some refreshing liquid in Small amount at short interval.
  9. Speak distinctly and stand near the patient because the hearing become less acute.
  10. Place bedpan or urinal in position periodically. Protect beddings well.
  11. Avoid disagreeable odor.
  12. The nurse should stay with the patient as long as he shows signs of lie, except for short periods when he may want to be left with a friend, member of the family physician or minister.