Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs


  • Each individual has unique characteristics, but certain needs are common to all people.
  • A need is something that is desirable, useful or necessary. Human needs are physiologic and psychological conditions that an individual must meet to achieve a state of health or well-being.
  1. Oxygen
  2. Fluids
  3. Nutrition
  4. Body temperature
  5. Elimination
  6. Rest and sleep
  7. Sex
Safety and Security
  1. Physical safety
  2. Psychological safety
  3. The need for shelter and freedom from harm and danger
Love and belonging
  1. The need to love and be loved
  2. The need to care and to be cared for.
  3. The need for affection: to associate or to belong
  4. The need to establish fruitful and meaningful relationships with people, institution, or organization
Self-Esteem Needs
  1. Self-worth
  2. Self-identity
  3. Self-respect
  4. Body image
Self-Actualization Needs
  1. The need to learn, create and understand or comprehend
  2. The need for harmonious relationships
  3. The need for beauty or aesthetics
  4. The need for spiritual fulfillment
Characteristics of Basic Human Needs
  1. Needs are universal.
  2. Needs may be met in different ways
  3. Needs may be stimulated by external and internal factor
  4. Priorities may be deferred
  5. Needs are interrelated
Maslow’s Characteristics of a Self-Actualized Person
  1. Is realistic, sees life clearly and is objective about his or her observations
  2. Judges people correctly
  3. Has superior perception, is more decisive
  4. Has a clear notion of right or wrong
  5. Is usually accurate in predicting future events
  6. Understands art, music, politics and philosophy
  7. Possesses humility, listens to others carefully
  8. Is dedicated to some work, task, duty or vocation
  9. Is highly creative, flexible, spontaneous, courageous, and willing to make mistakes
  10. Is open to new ideas
  11. Is self-confident and has self-respect
  12. Has low degree of self-conflict; personality is integrated
  13. Respect self, does not need fame, and possesses a feeling of self-control
  14. Is highly independent, desires privacy
  15. Can appear remote or detached
  16. Is friendly, loving and governed more by inner directives than by society
  17. Can make decisions contrary to popular opinion
  18. Is problem centered rather than self-centered
  19. Accepts the world for what it is