• Is putting the nursing care plan into action.
  • To carry out planned nursing interventions to help the client attain goals and achieve optimal level of health.
  1. Reassessing – to ensure prompt attention to emerging problems.
  2. Set priorities – to determine the order in which nursing interventions are carried out.
  3. Perform nursing interventions – these may be independent. Dependent or collaborative measures.
  4. Record actions – to complete nursing interventions, relevant documentation should be done. Remember: Something that is NOT written is considered as NOT done at all.
Requirements of Implementation
  1. Knowledge – include intellectual skills like problem-solving, decision-making and teaching.
  2. Technical skills – to carry out treatment and procedures.
  3. Communication skills – use of verbal and non-verbal communication to carry out planned nursing interventions.
  4. Therapeutic use of self – is being willing and being able to care.