History of Nursing Periods

 Intuitive Nursing

  • From Prehistoric times up to the early Christian Era
  • Untaught and Instinctive
  • Nursing performed out of compassion
  • Nursing belonged to women
Apprentice Nursing
  • From the founding of the Religious orders in the 11th century up to 1836 with the establishment of the Kaiserwerth Institute for training of Deaconesses
  • Period of “on-the-job training”
  • Nursing performed without any formal education and by people who were directed by more experienced nurses
  • Important personalities in this period:
    • St. Clare-gave nursing care to the sick and the afflicted
    • St. Elizabeth of Hungary- Patrones of nurses
    • St. Catherine of Siena- First lady with a lamp
  • Dark period of Nursing
  • From the 17th century up to 19th century
  • Nursing became the work of the least desirable of women
Educated Nursing
  • Began on June 15, 1860 when Florence Nightingale School of nursing opened St. Thomas Hospital in London
  • Development of nursing was strongly influenced by trends resulting from wars, from an arousal of social consciousness, from the increased educational opportunities offered to women
Contemporary Nursing
  • Covers the period after the world war II to the present
  • Marked by scientific and technological developments as well as social changes