Evening Care of Patient

 Evening care is one a way to refresh and prepare patients for sleep. This promotes relaxation on the patient (muscular relaxation) as well as prevents bed sores.

I. Purpose
  1. To refresh the patient and prepare line him for sleep
  2. To promote muscular relaxation
  3. To prevent bedsore
II. Preparation of Patient and Environment
A tray containing:
  • Basin of warm water
  • Alcohol 70%
  • Soap in soap dish
  • Talcum powder
  • Hair comb or brush
  • Bath towel & wash cloth
  • Pitcher of warm water
  • Mouth wash tray with
  • Mouth wash solution
  • Tooth brush
  • Kidney basin
  • Linen required
III. Procedure
  1. Allow patient to brush his teeth, wash his face, hands and forearms. If patient is unable to help himself do it for him.
  2. Turn patient to her side, unfasten her camisa and bath her back. Massage back with alcohol 700/0 or (skin lotion) paying particular attention to the bony prominences and other reddish pots on the back. Dust with powder
  3. If the patient is wearing a binder, remove it when giving care to the back. Inspect dressing for bleeding or discharge and changes or reinforce p.r.n. Return the binder in place.
  4. Brush and comb hair. Protect back and camisa with towel
  5. Fasten patient’s camisa Move patient to one side brush crumbs or dirt from the bed.
  6. Tighten beddings.
  7. Fluff up pillows and replace
  8. Replace ice cap or hot water bag p.r.n
  9. Give bedtime medicine if any. Attend to all patient’s request
  10. Place signal cord or bell within the reach of the patient.
  11. Remove all unnecessary things from the room: trays, dishes, etc. Empty waste basket.
  12. Adjust screen or blinds and light.