Changing Mainline IV Bag

 The following procedure demonstrate how to properly change mainline Intravenous Bag of the client.

  1. Check physicians order.
  2. Wash Hands.
  3. Select correct solution (using 5 rights of drug administration).
    Remove outer wrap.
  4. Inspect bag carefully for tears or leaks by applying gentle pressure to the bag.
  5. Hold the bag up and examine for cloudiness, discoloration, or any foreign matter.
  6. Label bag with patient’s name, date, time or according to agency policy.
  7. Tape bag based on hourly flow rate and initial.
  8. Identify patient, explain procedure and asses IV site.
  9. Asses IV site again.
  10. Discard old bag according to agency policy
  11. Record I&O and IV solution according to agency policy.