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 CBSE Worksheet 01

Short Story

  1. With the help of the given outline, develop a short story:
    The mice in the house____afraid of the cat____ hold a meeting ____ one proposes to tie a bell around the cat’s neck____all agree_____who is to bell the cat? No mouse offers ____the cat appears ____ all run away.

  2. Develop a story on the given idea:

    Two friends when small were very closely attached to each other—one rich—one poor—after Class X—separated. Meet after 10 years—poor as boss and rich as employee.

CBSE Worksheet 01
Short Story


  1. Who will bell the Cat?

    Once there were mice living in an old dilapidated house. They were very unhappy, for a cat killed and ate many of them. Tired of the constant terror, at last, they decided to hold a meeting to see how they could get rid of the cat. One mouse proposed that they should leave the house and look for a new abode. Another said that they should not come out of their holes at all. Then the youngest mouse of the lot stood up and said, "Let us tie a bell around the cat’s neck. So, whenever the cat will approach near to us, we shall hear the bell and can get out of its way”.
    All the mice appreciated the idea and collectively shouted "Good!”. They all thought it was a very good plan indeed. Then an old mouse stood up and said, "The plan is, no doubt, good, but who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck?”
    No mouse offered to do so as they all are terrified of the idea of going near the cat. Suddenly the cat appeared, and all the mice ran into their holes.
  2. Hard Work Pays

    There were two boys Neeraj and Sandeep. They were best friends. Neeraj belonged to a rich family and could afford to buy whatever he wanted to, but Sandeep belonged to a poor family. When sometimes he was unable to pay his tuition fee Neeraj would help him in that. They both loved each other and were ready to help each other. There was only one main difference that Neeraj was not good at studies. Sandeep used to help him in studies and always asked him to study hard as he himself was quite good. They studied together till grade X and after that Neeraj's parents sent him to Shimla for further studies. He completed his management course but with average marks whereas Sandeep stayed in the same city, completed his management course from there itself but with flying colours. He got placement in Delhi in a big company as Senior Manager directly. When he joined the company and was introduced to his subordinates, he was surprised to see Neeraj working as a junior manager under him. He was happy and excited but controlled himself. Later they met each other, hugged and enjoyed. In the office they were serious and after that their friendship continued.