Writing - Message - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01


  1. Prakash is coming from Mumbai to Delhi by Rajdhani Express at 8:30 am. He contacts his friend Sudhakar for receiving him at New Delhi railway station and take him in his car for a meeting in India Habitat Centre. Sudhakar's wife, Parimita takes the cell and gives the message to Sudhakar. Write her message.

  2. You are Ramesh. Today you had the following conversation with Rajesh, a friend of your elder brother:
    Rajesh: Hello! May I please talk to Rahul?
    Ramesh: Who is this? Rahul is not at home. I am his younger brother Ramesh speaking. What can I do for you?
    Rajesh: Well, Ramesh! I’m Rajesh, your brother’s friend.
    Ramesh: Oh, I see. I will inform Rahul about your call.
    Rajesh: Could you please also tell him that he should bring my practical book in school as I need it in class today.
    Ramesh: Sure. I'll do that.
    As you are leaving for your school, write a message for your brother in about 50 words. Put your message in a box.

CBSE Worksheet 01



    29th August 2019
    Prakash called up to say that he is reaching New Delhi today by Rajdhani Express at 8:30 am. You should go to receive him and take him in your car to India Habitat Centre for a meeting.

  2. Message

    July 05, 20XX8:00 am

    Dear Brother,
    Your friend Ramesh called. He has asked to inform, that you need to bring his practical book today to the school as he requires it urgently. Please don’t forget to take his book on receiving my message.