Who I Am - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Who I Am

  1. What reason does Radha's mother give for not allowing her to climb trees? Why?

  2. How did Serbjit control his anger?

  3. Why does Rohit want to go to Lakshadweep?

  4. What was the favorite activity of Radha?

  5. Why and what does Serbjit use to do when he is angry?

  6. What is it that Nasir wants to find out and what prompted him to do that?

  7. Why was the second Sunday of every month was special in Peter’s life?

  8. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (1x5=5)
    My favourite activity is climbing trees. Just outside our house, there is a mango tree which I love to go up. Its branches spread out, so it is simple to climb up the tree, and I can sit comfortably in the fork of two branches. My mother tells me it is not sensible for girls to climb trees, but one afternoon she climbed up too, and both of us sat there talking and eating raw mangoes.

    1. Who does 'My' refer to?
    2. What is her favourite activity?
    3. Where is the mango tree?
    4. What does her mother tell her?
    5. Find a word from the above extract that means the same as to right.

CBSE Worksheet 01
Who I Am


  1. Radha's mother says that it is not sensible for girls to climb trees. Probably she is scared that Radha might fall and hurt herself.

  2. Sarabjit controlled his anger by looking down at his shoes and count to ten so that he could hide his anger.

  3. Rohit's ambition is to travel all over the world. In this spirit, he wants to see the beaches of Lakshadweep.

  4. Radha's favorite activity was climbing the trees.

  5. Serbjit feels disheartened every time he is looked upon by everybody for lying even though he is telling the truth. So he has to look down at his shoes and count to ten to show that he is not angry with these false claims.

  6. Nasir wanted to find out how to preserve seeds so that they can be used again. Every year his father had to spend a lot of money on buying seeds which prompted him to find out about their preservation.

  7. The second Sunday was special because on this day Peter’s family used to visit a cinema hall. His family members enjoyed peanuts and ice-cream.

    1. ‘My’ refers to Radha from the lesson 'Who I am'.
    2. Her favourite activity is to climb trees especially climbing the mango tree just outside her house.
    3. The mango tree is just outside her house.
    4. Her mother tells her that it is not sensible for girls to climb trees.
    5. The word is sensible.