Who Did Patricks Homework - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Who Did Patricks Homework

  1. Why did Patrick not do his homework?

  2. How did Patrick help him?

  3. Why did Patrick's parents wonder?

  4. What changes came in Patrick's behaviour in the end?

  5. What changes occurred in Patrick’s behaviour? What was his parent's and teacher's reaction to the changes?

  6. Write the chief characteristics of the little elf. (Who Did Patricks Homework)

  7. How did the little elf do Patrick’s homework?

  8. Read the given extract and answer the questions given below:

    His teachers told him, "Patrick Do your homework or you won't learn a thing." And it's true, sometimes he did feel like an ignoramus. But what could he do? He hated homework.

    1. Who feels like an ignoramus?
    2. Why can't Patrick do anything?
    3. What does Patrick like to do?
    4. Why does Patrick hate doing his homework?
    5. What did Patrick's teachers tell him?

CBSE Worksheet 01
Who Did Patricks Homework


  1. Patrick did not do his homework because he found it too boring.
  2. Patrick helped him by consulting a dictionary for difficult words in English. He guided the little man in doing sums in arithmetic and read out portions from history book as he didn't know anything about Human History.
  3. Patrick's parents wondered because he got grade 'A' in all the subjects and his teachers were full of praise for him.
  4. In the end, Patrick became a model boy. He cleaned his room, did all his daily work, became cheerful and polite.
  5. There was a sea change in Patrick's behaviour. He became a model kid. He got grade ’A’ in all the subjects and his classmates were amazed to see it. His teachers were happy and praised him. His parents wondered and could not believe the change. He became more responsible towards his work and study. He cleaned his room, did his household chores. He was then a cheerful kid and was not rude to anyone. He had developed a whole new attitude. He became a role model for his classmates.
  6. The little elf wore a little wool shirt with old fashioned trousers and a high tall hat. He asked Patrick to save him from the cat. The elf kept his promise of helping Patrick though he was blank in subjects like Maths, History and English. He, in fact, helped Patrick in becoming a hard-working boy.
  7. The little elf did Patrick’s homework with all his guidance. Patrick bought books from the library. He found out the words in the dictionary. He also helped the elf in Maths and history. In fact, Patrick did his work himself.
    1. Patrick felt like an ignoramus.
    2.  Patrick could not do anything because he hated homework.
    3. Patrick likes to play hockey, basketball, and Nintendo.
    4. Patrick hates doing his homework as he finds it very boring.
    5. Patrick's teachers told him that he won't learn a thing if he avoids doing his homework like this.