Understanding Diversity - Revision Notes

 CBSE Class 06 Social Science

Revision Notes
Chapter – 01 Political Science
Understanding Diversity

Mankind inherits a variety of things from mother nature. These include plants, trees, flowers, birds, animals, rivers etc.

Diversity: The variety and range we see in things is termed as diversity.
In India diversity can be seen in many things like religion we follow, language we speak, the food we eat, clothes we wear, race we belong to and many more things.

Social Groups:
(i) Human is social being and cannot fulfill all his needs on own. So, humans depend on each other and social groups to fulfill these needs.
(ii) These various groups are family, community and nation.

Can Friends be Different:
(i) Nothing stops people from being friends with people of different backgrounds. One can be friend with any person even if they belong to different social, religious and economic background.
(ii) Right to Education (RTE) has made provision for poor family children to study in public schools. This has helped to reduce economic inequality in education.

How Do we Explain Diversity:
(i) Man initially led a nomadic life.
(ii) In later times, men began to mingle with different people of the society.
(iii) This led to emergence of diversity.

Diversity and Interdependence:
(i) Within a social group, diverse types of activities are performed depending on culture, skills, interests and education.
(ii) To fulfill one’s needs people depend on others.
(iii) With the onset of globalization, the concept of interdependence between diverse areas has got a boost.

Unity in Diversity:
(i) India is a land where unity and diversity run parallel to each other.
(ii) Indian is a place where people speak different languages, wear different attire, practice different religions, eat different cuisines and inherit diverse culture, but yet live together happily.

Kashmir and Kerala:
(i) Kashmir is a beautiful place located in northern part of India. Kashmir is famous for its scenic beauty, house boats and cultivation of fine qualities of saffron, apples and walnuts. The famous cuisine includes wazwan and kahwah. People wear woollens due to cold climate. Phiran is a popular attire along with headgear and scarfs. Kashmiri is widely spoken here. People here follow the ethics of Islam and Buddhism. Eid, Lohri, Diwali are among the festivals celebrated here. 

(ii) Kerala is a beautiful place located in southern part of India. Kerala is famous for its scenic beauty and cultivation spices like cloves and cinemon. The famous cuisine includes puttu and appam. Men wear mundu and women wear saree. Malayalam is widely spoken here. People here follow the ethics of Hinduism and Onam is the main festival celebrated here.