The Wonderful Words - Solutions

 CBSE Class 06 English

NCERT Solutions
HoneySukle Chapter-06
Poem - The Wonderful World 

Page No: 83 Working with Poem

1. With your partner, complete the following sentences in your own words using the ideas in the poem.

(i) Do not let a thought shrivel and die because _________________________________
Ans: for want of a way to say it

(ii) English is a ________________________ with words that everyone can play.
Ans: wonderful game

(iii) One has to match ______________________________
Ans: to the brightest thoughts in your head

(iv) Words are the __________________________ of thought.
Ans: food and dress 

2. In groups of four discuss the following lines and their meanings.

(i) All that you do is match the words

   To the brightest thoughts in your head

Ans: The poet says that you only have to select words to express your thoughts present in your mind.

(ii) For many of the loveliest things

     Have never yet been said

Ans: The poet encourages readers to convert their thoughts into words and speak them as these are loveliest things that never yet been said.

(iii) And everyone’s longing today to hear

     Some fresh and beautiful thing

Ans: All the people are listening to the same thoughts. So everyone is excited to hear some new thing so speak your thoughts brilliantly.

(iv) But only words can free a thought

     From its prison behind your eyes

Ans: You have thoughts in your mind but its in prison behind your eyes as you never try to express them. You need to free thoughts by giving them words.