The Shepherds Treasure - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

The Shepherds Treasure

  1. What led the king of Iran to the cave of the shepherd?

  2. What changes were seen in the shepherd after he became the governor of a small province?

  3. Why did the shepherd never go to school?

  4. Why were the people astonished when the chest was opened?

  5. How did the poor shepherd become famous in the story The Shepherds Treasure?

  6. What did the governors of other provinces think about the chest that the new governor carried with him in the story The Shepherds Treasure?

  7. Who visited the shepherd one day, and why?

  8. Was the shepherd worthy of being rewarded twice in the story? Why? Give your answer accurately.

CBSE Worksheet 01
The Shepherds Treasure


  1. The stories of the wisdom and friendly nature of the shepherd led the king of Iran to his cave.

  2. There was no change in the shepherd's behaviour even after he became the governor of a small province. He was still as humble as ever.

  3. The shepherd never went to school because there were few school in those days.

  4. When the chest was opened, the people were astonished to see that it contained not the secretly collected treasure, but only an old blanket.

  5. The shepherd though poor was very wise. He could understand people's sorrows and troubles. He helped them to face them wisely with courage. Thus, he became famous for his wise and friendly nature.

  6. The governors of other states were suspicious and jealous of the shepherd. They thought that he had hoarded a lot of money which he must have dishonestly stolen from the taxes collected from the people. The chest contained this secretly collected treasure.

  7. The king of Iran, the country where the shepherd lived, heard about the shepherd's wisdom. So he disguised as a shepherd and riding on a mule, visited the shepherd one day. Although poor and uneducated, the shepherd was very wise and understood people’s sorrows and troubles and helped them face them with courage and common sense. The king heard about him and therefore wanted to meet the shepherd who had become so famous for his wisdom and friendly nature among the common people.

  8. Yes, the shepherd was worthy of being rewarded twice. First, the king was impressed by the shepherd's goodness and wisdom when he visited his cave and made him the governor of a small district because he was glad about him.
    Secondly, when the king was doubtful about the shepherd's honesty after hearing false stories about him, he asked the shepherd the reason behind carrying an iron box always.
    Hearing it, the shepherd replied in a humble way that the box contained the blanket which was his oldest friend. The blanket would protect him at any time. The king was pleased to hear the shepherd's reply. Being impressed with his honesty, he made him the governor of a much bigger district. Thus, the king's action was justified.