The shed - Solutions

 CBSE Class 07 English Honeycomb

NCERT Solutions
Chapter - 3
The shed - Poem

Page No: 49 Working with the Poem
1. Answer the following questions.
(i) Who is the speaker in the poem?
(ii) Is she/he afraid or curious, or both?
(iii) What is she/he planning to do soon?
(iv) “But not just yet...” suggests doubt, fear, hesitation, laziness or something else. Choose the word which seems right to you. Tell others why you chose it.

Ans: (i) The speaker of the poem is a small kid.
(ii) He/She was both curious and afraid. The creaking noise of hinges at night and the feeling of someone staring at him/her make the child feel afraid. While the thought that the shed was his/her brother's den makes him/her curious.
(iii) She/he is planning to go inside the shed soon.
(iv) “But not just yet...” suggests the hesitation of the poet about going inside that shed. Though he/she is confident that there are no ghosts inside but still he/she hesitates to step inside and leaves the matter to be handled in near future, gathering up more courage.

2. Is there a room in your house or a house in your neighbourhood/locality where you would rather not go alone, and never at night? If there is such a place and a story to go with it, let others hear all about it.
Ans: This question is supposed to be done by the students themselves. However, if requested for an answer to this question in future, we will put it. Thanks.