The Quarrel - Solutions

 CBSE Class 06 English

NCERT Solutions
Poem - The Quarrel

Page No: 40 Working with Poem

1. With your partner try to guess the meaning of the underlined phrases.

(i): And somehow we fell out.

Ans(i): started quarreling
(ii): The afternoon turned black.

Ans(ii): night came

2. Read these lines from the poem:

(i) One thing led to another

(ii) The start of it was slight

(iii) The end of it was strong

(iv) The afternoon turned black

(v) Thumped me on the back

Discuss with your partner what these lines mean.

Ans: (i) One reason led to another reason
(ii) The quarrel started with a small issue
(iii) The end of fight turned into harshness.
(iv) Afternoon passed and night came but their fight continued.
(v) Patted on her back and the quarrel came to an end.