The Old Clock Shop - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

The Old Clock Shop

  1. Why did the older man smile for the first time in the story The Old Clock Shop?

  2. Who came to Ray's shop after he finished his work in the story The Old Clock Shop?

  3. Why do you think visitor had come to the shop? (The Old Clock Shop)

  4. Why did Ray give the older man more money than the wristwatch was worth?

  5. When did the unfriendly face of the visitor turn truly friendly? Write your answer in the context of The Old Clock Shop.

  6. How did Ray communicate with him? Write your answer in the context of The Old Clock Shop.

  7. How did the old clock give a timeless message through Ray?

CBSE Worksheet 01
The Old Clock Shop


  1. The man smiled for the first time because Ray wrote on his notepad whether he can help him. Both of them knew why he and his friend came to the shop.
  2. Two last-minute shoppers came to Ray's shop after he finished working on a clock and about to close the shop.
  3. The visitor was not a shopper. Perhaps he had come to the shop to loot its owner of his cash and valuables.
  4. Ray gave the older man more money than the watch was worth for because he knew that the two men were in need of money, so he wanted to help them. He also wanted to avoid a bad situation of loot in his shop.
  5. The "unfriendly face" of the visitor turned truly friendly when he got the money for his watch which was not worth fifty dollars. Also by giving him the money in exchange for the watch, Ray had prevented him from doing something he would be later sorry for.
  6. Ray, being deaf and dumb, communicated with him by writing the words May I help you on a notepad. He smiled at his unfriendly face, then pointed to his ears and shook his head from side to side indicating to the visitor that he was deaf.
  7. Ray was an old and deaf shop owner who deals in old clocks. He also used to pay to the needy customers against the security of their old clocks. On Christmas, Eve two visitors came to his shop when he was about to pull the shutters down. He doubted their intentions. But he kept himself cool. He inquired if they are there to bargain for a clock or a watch. On noticing the man's watch he offered him fifty dollars, though the watch doesn't deserve that. He did so as a gesture of goodwill and peace. At that moment only all the timepieces rang out a musical message filled with hope. All the three people who stood in the shop heard the timeless message of peace on earth and goodwill towards all through the sound.