Taros Reward - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Taros Reward

  1. What impression do you form about Taro’s neighbours from the story?

  2. How did the Emperor of Japan reward Taro?

  3. What was the demand made by Taro’s father?

  4. Who was Taro? Where did he live?

  5. Who informed Taro’s neighbours about the magic sake? Why did the neighbours want to kill Taro?

  6. Who was Taro? Do you think he loved his parents? Give reasons.

  7. Why did the waterfall give Taro sake and others water?

  8. Read the given extract and answer the following questions:
    Taro could not remember ever seeing or hearing a rushing stream in that part of the forest. He was thirsty. The axe dropped out of his hands and he ran in the direction of the sound. 

    1. What did Taro hear in the forest?
    2. What made Taro thirsty?
    3. Which weapon did Taro have?
    4. What happened to Taro's mouth and face?
    5. What reminds Taro of his father?

CBSE Worksheet 01
Taros Reward


  1. The story tells us that Taro’s neighbours were very selfish and short-tempered. They were ready to drown Taro into the stream when they thought that they had been tricked.

  2. The Emperor rewarded Taro with 20 pieces of gold for his goodness. He also named the most beautiful fountain of the city after Taro.

  3. Taro’s father wanted a cup of sake - a popular Japanese drink. It could have provided him warmth and benefit his heart.

  4. Taro was a young woodcutter. He lived with his mother and father on a lonely hillside.

  5. A lady came to Taro’s house and his father offered her a cup of sake. She drank it greedily and thanked the old man. Taro told her the story of the magic waterfall. She spread the story throughout the village. The neighbours visited the waterfall in the forest to get the sake. They carried pitchers, jars and buckets to fill the sake in them. But they could not get the magic sake. They got only cold water and this made them angry. The neighbours said they have been cheated by Taro and wanted to drown him in the waterfall.

  6. Taro was a young woodcutter and lived with his mother and father on a lonely hillside. All day long he chopped wood in the forest. Though he worked very hard, he earned very little money. Yes, Taro loved his parents because he took care of them. He was very worried about getting the sake for his father as it could have provided him warmth and was good for his heart. He decided to work harder than before for getting the sake which was expensive. He chopped and cut more woods to earn more.

  7. The waterfall gave Taro sake because Taro was a thoughtful son who honoured and obeyed his parents. He always worked very hard to give them everything they needed. It gave others only water because they were greedy, jealous and selfish type of people.

    1. Taro heard the sound of rushing water in the forest.
    2. Taro was chopping the wood continuously which made him thirsty.
    3. Taro had an axe.
    4. Taro's mouth was dry and his face was wet with sweat.
    5. When Taro was filled with warmth in the forest he remembered his father.