Tansen - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01


  1. What do you know about Tansen's family?

  2. What was the reason behind Tansen's sadness?

  3. Why did the courtiers become jealous of Tansen?

  4. Who was Tansen? Where was he born? Name his father and his profession.

  5. How did Tansen marry Hussaini?

  6. How did Tansen manage to save his life?

  7. Why did Tansen’s enemies want him to sing the Raga? Write your answer in the context of Tansen.

  8. Who were Saraswati and Rupvati? What did they do to save Tansen's life?

CBSE Worksheet 01


  1. Tansen married Hussaini. She was one of the ladies in the court of Rani Mrignaini. The couple had five children who were all musicians.
  2. Tansen was told to sing Raga Deepak which he could sing properly, but it can burn him to ashes. So, he was unhappy about it.
  3. The courtiers were jealous of Tansen because he became favourite of Emperor Akbar. Akbar gave him many presents.
  4. Tansen was the greatest ever singer of India. He was born in Behat near Gwalior. His father’s name was Mukundan Misra. Misra was a singer by profession.
  5. Tansen often visited the court of Rani Mrignaini in Gwalior. Rani Mrignaini was a great musician herself. There he met and married one of the ladies of the court. Her name was Hussaini. They had five children.
  6. The courtiers wanted to ruin Tansen. One of the courtiers wanted him to sing Raga Deepak so that he could be burnt to ashes. Tansen knew that his life could be saved if somebody will sing Raga Megh at the same time. He taught his daughter Saraswati and her friend Rupvati to sing Raga Megh. When Tansen started singing, birds fell dead and water in the rivers began to boil. People cried out in terror as flames shot up and lighted the lamps. Then, the two girls began to sing Raga Megh and it started raining. Tansen’s life was saved.
  7. Tansen’s enemies wanted him to sing the Raga because they knew he was a good singer, and If he sang it well, he would die as he would be burnt to ashes, and they would be able to get rid of him.
  8. Saraswati was Tansen's daughter and Rupvati was Saraswati's friend. The jealous courtiers asked emperor Akbar for a performance of raga Deepak from Tansen, knowing the fact that if the raga is being sung properly it can turn Tansen into ashes. To rescue himself from the situation Tansen made the two girls learned Raga Megh. When Tansen sang raga Deepak, he began to burn. Just then these two girls sang Raga Megh. The Raga brought rain on Tansen and thus the two girls were able to save Tansen's life.