Strange Wrestling Match - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Strange Wrestling Match

  1. Describe how Vijay Singh looked.

  2. What did Vijay Singh do with lump of stone?

  3. What did Vijay Singh say before accepting the ghost's offer?

  4. How did the people around Vijay Singh react to his boast?

  5. Why did Vijay Singh say Appearances can be deceptive? Write your answer in the context of Strange Wrestling Match.

  6. What made the ghost speechless? Why? Write your answer in the context of Strange Wrestling Match.

  7. Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost to accompany him to town next day?

  8. Give a character sketch of Vijay Singh. How did he outwit the ghost?

CBSE Worksheet 01
Strange Wrestling Match


  1. Vijay Singh was a wrestler. He was tall and muscular. He towered over others like a giant.

  2. He let the stone fell down and crumbled the lump of salt and ordered the ghost to taste the powder.

  3. Vijay Singh said that he could accept his offer only on the condition that the next day he had to accompany him to his village as a token of victory.

  4. People around Vijay Singh reacted with admiration as well as fear. However, they told him the place where he could meet a ghost.

  5. Vijay Singh said that appearances can be deceptive which means what actually appears can't be true always. The ghost claimed to be Natwar, though actually, he was a rascal of a ghost-a plain lying ghost. Vijay too was pretending to be a brave and fearless wrestler and told the ghost that if he doubted his strength, he would give him a demonstration of it.

  6. Vijay Singh made the ghost speechless by peering into his face and calling him a plain lying ghost. He had seen people usually started back in horror when they saw the ghost and some fainted even. But here was an unfeeling creature who was not afraid of him and only was insulting him. At the same time, he said that he was tired of wrestling with men and wanted to fight a ghost.

  7. Vijay Singh asked the ghost to accompany him to the town next day. He wanted to display him as a trophy before the people. He wanted to prove that he had defeated the ghost and taken him as his prisoner.

  8. Vijay Singh was a famous wrestler. He was a tall man with massive shoulders and muscular arms. He almost resembles a giant. He was boastful of his physical strength which, often lands him in awkward situations. He declared that he was unbeatable. His tall claim once pushed him into trouble when he declared that he doesn't understand why people are afraid of ghosts as he would teach a lesson to the ghost if he ever encounters one. He was challenged to fight a ghost. He went through the 'Haunted Desert'. He carried a small packet containing an egg and a lump of salt, given by an old woman. He used them wisely to be fool and frighten the ghost. He crushed the lump of salt easily and cracked the egg. As it was dark, the ghost was unable to understand Vijay's trick and accepted his defeat. Thus, Vijay won the match by tricking the ghost and with the help of his superior wit.