Reading - Unseen Passage - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Unseen Passage

  1. Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:- (5)
    The giraffe is the tallest of all living land animals. A male giraffe can go up to 18 feet and a female one up to 15 feet. Such height enables them to escape the competition for ground-level grass that exists among other leaf-eaters. It also gives him a long range of vision. He takes the warning of the approaching enemy earlier. Giraffes eat a variety of leaves, but acacia leaves are their favorite diet. In spring when many trees are not in leaf, they spend 80 percent of the day eating. In summer, when trees are in full leaf, they need only 15 percent. The rest of the time is spent resting and quarrelling.
    A giraffe’s long neck is made up like that of man and most other mammals, of only seven vertebrae. The bones are attached to one another with ball and socket joints. These make the neck flexible. It can run at 50 km per hour.
    Rising from a lying position is a problem for such a large animal. So it usually keeps standing even while it sleeps.
    To reach the water with such a long neck and legs, a giraffe spreads its front legs wide apart. Then it lowers its neck to drink. This awkward position makes it easier for the lion to attack on it.

    On the basis of your reading of the above passage, fill in the blanks with suitable words: (1 x 4 = 4)
    A giraffe is the (a)_______ of all land animals. The height of a (b)________ giraffe can go up to 18 feet. The (c )________ of a female giraffe can be up to 15 feet. With this height, it doesn’t have to (d)________ with other animals for leaves. This enables it to see its enemy from a long distance. It, however, creates a problem in reaching water in tanks.

    Find words from the above passage that mean opposite to the following: (2 x 1/2 = 1)

    1. dead​
    2. detached​​​​​​
  2. Read the following passages carefully:- (1x5=5)
    Patriotism is an old concept, perhaps as old as the earliest of human civilisation. But all through the history of mankind, it has been narrowly understood. Today people have begun to realise that patriotism is an essential part of human instinct. Patriotism has its negative sides particularly when it exceeds its proper bounds. People who think of their own country to be the best and are blind to its weaknesses are not patriots at all.
    We are the members of a large human family and so cannot neglect our duties and responsibilities towards it. Our love for the country should be conditioned by respect for the whole community. Narrow prejudice can do nothing except to bring misfortune. In trying to overlook others’ interest in the modern world, we harm our own. Patriotism should be tempered with reason so that it may not be evil.

    1. Today what is the belief of people regarding patriotism?
      1. It is narrowly understood
      2. It is not needed
      3. It is a part of human instinct
      4. None of the above.
    2. Which type of the people can be categorised as patriots?
      1. Those who think others’ country greater than their own
      2. Those who think their own country to be the best in spite of its weaknesses
      3. Those who keep a neutral attitude towards their country
      4. Those whose love for the country is conditioned by respect for the entire community.
    3. Narrow prejudices always bring
      1. misfortune
      2. good opportunity
      3. good luck
      4. huge amount of money.
    4. Patriotism is an evil when it is
      1. tempered with reason
      2. not tempered with reason
      3. beyond narrow feelings
      4. None of the above
    5. The word in the passage means opposite to positive
      1. Proper
      2. Narrow
      3. Negative
      4. Reason.

CBSE Worksheet 01
Unseen Passage


    1. tallest
    2. male
    3. height
    4. compete
    5. living
    6. attached
    1. (c)
    2. (d)
    3. (a)
    4. (b)
    5. (c)