Practical Geometry - Revision Notes

 CBSE Class 6 Mathematics

Revision Notes
Practical Geometry

This chapter deals with methods of drawing geometrical shapes.

  • We use the following mathematical instruments to construct shapes:
  1.  A graduated ruler
  2. The compasses
  3. The divider
  4. Set-squares
  5. The protractor
  • Using the ruler and compasses, the following constructions can be made:
  1. A circle, when the length of its radius is known.
  2. A line segment, if its length is given.
  3. A copy of a line segment.
  4. A perpendicular to a line through a point
    (a) on the line
    (b) not on the line.
  5. The perpendicular bisector of a line segment of given length.
  6. An angle of a given measure.
  7. A copy of an angle.
  8. The bisector of a given angle.
  9. Some angles of special measures such as
    (a) 90o (b) 45o (c) 60o (d) 300 (e) 120o (f) 135o