Our Universe - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet-01

CLASS - V EVS – Our Universe

A. Answer the Following:

1. What is meant by universe?

2. What do you understand by the term satellites?

3. Why moon always keep its one face towards the earth?

4. What is meant by gravitational force?

5. What is high tide?

6. What is low tide?

7. What do you know about moon’s surface?

8. How does moon looks when seen from earth?

9. Define artificial satellites.

10. Who is an astronaut?

CBSE Worksheet-01
CLASS - V EVS – Our Universe

1. The earth and all the heavenly bodies together make the universe.

2. Satellites are the heavenly bodies that go round the planets.

3. The time taken by the moon to rotate once upon its own axis is the same as the time taken by it to revolve around the earth, so moon always keep its one face towards the earth.

4. The earth attracts all objects around it with a force called gravitational force.

5. The rise in the level of water in the oceans and seas is called high tide.

6. Due to shifting of the water towards the high tide zones, the water level in the oceans in between in lowered and these regions are called low tide.

7. When the surface of the moon was studied with the help of telescope, it is said to be a barren, lifeless ball with mountains and craters without water and air.

8. From the earth, the craters are seen as dark spots upon the face of the moon.

9. Man – made satellites are called artificial satellites.

10. A man who travels into space is called an astronaut.