Human Environment Settlement Transport - Solutions

 CBSE Class –VII Social Science

NCERT Solutions
Geography Chapter 7
Human Environment- Settlement, Transport and Communication

Q1. Answer the following questions.

  1. What are the four means of transport?
  2. What do you understand by the term ‘settlement’?
  3. Which are the activities practiced by rural people?
  4. Mention any two merits of railways.
  5. What do you understand by communication?
  6. What is mass media?


  1. Following are the four means of transport are:
    1. Roadways
    2. Airways
    3. Railways
    4. Waterways
  2. Settlements: Settlements are places where people build their homes. They may be temporary or permanent.The settlements grew near the river valleys as water was available and land was fertile.
  3. Following are the activities that are practiced by the rural people: are
    1. Agriculture,
    2. Fishing,
    3. Forestry,
    4. Crafts work and trading etc.
  4. Following are the merits of railways:
    1. Railways carry heavy goods and people over long distances quickly and cheaply.
    2. Railways make it possible to conduct multifarious activities like business, sightseeing, pilgrimage along with transportation of goods over longer distances.
    3. The railway network is more spread out and hence, more areas are accessible.
  5. Communication: Communication means the exchange of information and it is also a process of conveying messages to others. With the development of technology, humans have devised new and fast models of communication such as radio, television and the internet. The advancement in the field of communication has brought about an information revolution in the world.
  6. Mass media: Mass Media is the means by which communication can be established with a large number of people at one time. Newspapers, radio and television are popular means of mass media and through these mediums, millions of people can be contacted at the same time.

Q2. Tick the correct answer.
(i) Which is NOT a means of communication?
(a) telephone (b) books (c) table
 (c) table

(ii)Which type of road is constructed under the ground?
(a) flyover (b) expressways (c) subways
(c) subways

(iii) Which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?
(a) ship (b) train (c) car
 (a) ship

(iv) Which vehicle does not pollute the environment
(a) cycle (b) bus (c) aeroplane
 (a) cycle

Q3.Match the following.

(i) Internet(a) Areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services
(ii) Canal route(b) Closely-built area of houses
(iii) Urban areas(c) Houses on stilts
(iv) Compact settlement(d) Inland waterway
 (e) A means of communication


(i) Internet(e) A means of communication
(ii) Canal route(d) Inland waterway
(iii) Urban areas(a) Areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services
(iv) Compact settlement(b) Closely-built area of houses