How the Dog Found Himself a Master - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

How the Dog Found Himself a Master

  1. Who did the dog finally choose as his master in the end?

  2. What sort of life did dogs live a long time ago? Write your answer in the context of, ‘How the Dog Found Himself a Master’. 

  3. Why was the wolf afraid of the bear?

  4. Who became the first master of the dog?

  5. How did the dog come to know that the bear was stronger than the wolf?

  6. Give the list of animals served by the dog. Why did the dog leave them one-by-one?

  7. Give the list of the animals the Dog agreed to accompany and serve. Why did he reject them all?

  8. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow by choosing the best option from among the given ones.
    "What is it, Master, is anything wrong? asked the dog, surprised. "I smell a man coming this way, "the lion said. "We′d better run for it or we′ll be in trouble."

    1. In the first line, the word "Master' refers to
      1. the dog
      2. the bear
      3. the wolf
      4. the lion
    2. The Dog was surprised when he saw
      1. a man 
      2. the lion attack
      3. the lion in fear
      4. a man run
    3. The lion feared the trouble from 
      1. a man 
      2. the dog 
      3. the bear
      4. the wolf
    4. The dog left the lion
      1. because he despised him
      2. to go to the wolf
      3. to serve some other animal 
      4. to serve man
    5. The word 'surprised' in the passage is
      1. noun
      2. verb
      3. adjective
      4. participle.

CBSE Worksheet 01
How the Dog Found Himself a Master


  1. The dog chose the man as his master finally when he saw that even a beast like a lion is afraid of the man.

  2. Dogs used to live, in freedom, like the wolves. They were their own masters and would wandered anywhere, as it pleased them. 

  3. The wolf was afraid of the bear because the bear was stronger and could kill the wolf.

  4. A big and fierce wolf became the first master of the dog.

  5. The dog came to know that the bear was stronger than the wolf because the wolf moved quickly into the bushes and crept deeper into the forest out of fear after seeing the bear that could have killed both of them.

  6. The dog was looking for the strongest creature on the Earth who could protect him throughout his life. In order to find one, he stayed with a wolf, a bear and a lion before finding his final master human beings.
    the dog left the animals one-by-one because he found that the wolf was afraid of the bear. He stayed with the bear but later found that the lion was stronger than him. He requested the lion to be his master and found that he was afraid of human beings.

  7. The Dog set out in search of his protector or master. He first met a Wolf but it was afraid of the bear. The Dog then asked the Bear to be his master, but the Bear fled on seeing a Lion, the Dog agreed to serve the king of the forest, the Lion. But one day the Lion also showed his fear of man. So the Dog said goodbye to Lion and accepted the man as his master. He is man's loyal servant till this day.

  8. i. (d), ii. (c), iii. (a), iv. (d), v. (d)