Fun with Magnets - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet-01

Class – VI Science (Fun with Magnets)

  1. Which of the following is not a magnetic substance?
    1. Cobalt
    2. Nickel
    3. Iron
    4. Silver
  2. Magnet was first discovered about 5000 years ago in the rocks of
    1. Meghalaya
    2. Manipur
    3. Magnesia
    4. Munich
  3. Magnetic strength of the magnet is
    1. Concentrated in the centre of magnet
    2. Concentrated at one of the poles of the magnet
    3. Concentrated at both the poles of the magnet
    4. Distributed uniformly throughout the magnet.
  4. One of these is not a property of the magnet
    1. Like poles repels and unlike poles attract
    2. A magnetic compass is used by sailors to know the direction
    3. Like poles attract and unlike poles repels
    4. Alloy like alnico is used in making temporary magnet.
  5. Match the following:

    Column A

    Column B

    a. Lodestone

    i. Compass needle

    b. Electromagnets

    ii. Protect magnet not in use

    c. Keepers

    iii. Demagnetizing magnet

    d. Sailor and navigator

    iv. Electric bell

    e. Hammering

    v. Natural magnet

  6. Fill in the blanks.
    1. Repulsion is the sure test of --------------------.
    2. Likes poles ----------------- each other.
    3. Freely suspended bar magnet always aligns in ---------------------.
    4. Natural magnet is known as -------------------.
    5. When South Pole is taken near a north pole --------------- occurs.
  7. What is a magnetic compass? What is its use for?
  8. Write three uses of magnets.
  9. How does an electromagnet differ from a permanent magnet?
  10. Classify the following as magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
    Iron nail, Copper-screw, Eraser, Shaving blades, Plastic scale, Cobalt, Aluminium, Steel rod, Rubber band.

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Fun with Magnets)
Answer key

  1. d
  2. c
  3. c
  4. c
  5. (a) – (v), (b) – (iv), (c) – (ii), (d) – (i), (e) – (iii).
    1. Magnetism
    2. Repels
    3. North-South
    4. Lodestone
    5. Attraction.
  7. Magnetic compass is simple device which has a magnetic needle which is free to rotate on a pivot at the centre of a round box. It is used by sailors and navigators to know the directions.
  8. Uses of magnet
    1. Used for making toys and stickers.
    2. Used for making magnetic compass.
    3. Magnetic tapes are used tape-recorders.
  9. Electromagnet loses its magnetic property when electric current is closed but permanent magnet always shows its magnetic property. Electromagnets are stronger than permanent magnets. The polarity of an electromagnet can be changed but the polarity of a permanent magnet cannot be changed.
  10. Magnetic materials – iron nail, shaving blade, cobalt, steel rod.
    Non-magnetic materials - Copper screw, Eraser, Plastic scale, Aluminium rod, and Rubber band.