Fairy Play - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Fairy Play

  1. What did the aunt decide to do when Jumman refused to give her the monthly allowance?

  2. What arrangements were made between Jumman and his aunt?

  3. What kind of relation Jumman and Algu shared?

  4. When Jumman's aunt realised that she was not welcome in his house, what arrangement did she suggest?

  5. God lives in the heart of the Panch, the aunt said. What did she mean? Write your answer in the context of Fairy Play.

  6. What did the old aunt do when she could swallow the insults no more? (Fairy Play)

  7. Algu found himself in a tight spot. What was his problem?

  8. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: (1x5=5)
    "Jumman,” said Algu, you and I are old friends. Your aunt is as dear to me as you. Now I am a Panch. You and your aunt are equal before me. What have you to say in your defence? Three years ago, began Jumman, my aunt transferred her property to me. I promised to support her as long as she lived. I have done all I could. There have been a couple of quarrels between my wife and her but I can’t stop it. Now my aunt is claiming a monthly allowance from me. This is not possible. That’s all I have to say.

    1. What did Algu consider more valuable than friendship?
    2. What story did Jumman narrate?
    3. What was the nature of dispute between Jumman and his old aunt?
    4. What was not possible for Jumman?
    5. Find a word from the above passage that means the same as Precious.

CBSE Worksheet 01
Fairy Play


  1. The old aunt decided to take her case to the village panchayat.
  2. According to panchayat, Jumman must give his aunt a monthly allowance or else the property goes back to her.
  3. Jumman Shaikh and Algu Choudhry were good friends. They took care of each other’s family. Both were greatly respected in the village.
  4. Jumman's aunt could not bear insults anymore. She wanted to cook her food separately. She demanded a monthly allowance from her nephew.
  5. God lives in the heart of the Panch, by this, she meant that a Panch is always impartial and unbiased and would not kill his conscience for the sake of friendship. Everybody is equal before him. The justice delivered by Panch would be considered as the justice delivered by God.
  6. The aunt said to Jumman that she was treated as an unwanted person in his house. So, he should give her a monthly allowance to enable her to set up a separate kitchen.
  7. One of Algu's fine pair of bullocks died, and he sold the other to Samjhu Sahu on the understanding that Sahu would pay the price of the bullock in a month's time. The bullock died within a month and Sahu refused to pay Algu.
    1. Algu heard the voice of his conscience. He considered justice more valuable and precious than his friendship with Jumman.
    2. Jumman admitted that the property belonged to his aunt, and he had promised to support his aunt all her life.
    3. Jumman went back on his promise to support his old aunt. There have been a couple of quarrels between Jumman's wife and his aunt, which he was not able to stop at any cost. So his aunt was claiming a monthly allowance from him and that was not possible for him to give. That was the point of dispute.
    4. To pay monthly allowance to old aunt was not possible for Jumman.
    5. The word is dear.