Different Kind of School - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

Different Kind of School

  1. Who were millie, Peter and Anita in the lesson Different Kind of School?

  2. What kind of teaching methods did Miss Beam use?

  3. How old were the children whom the author met first in the school of Miss Beam?

  4. Who is Millie?

  5. What was the real aim of Miss Beam's school?

  6. How was Miss Beam’s school different from other schools? What was the difference between Miss Beam’s school and the other schools?

  7. What was done on a dumb day and why was it the most difficult according to some children of the Different Kind of School?

  8. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow choosing the best option from among the given ones.
    Miss Beam was all that I had expected—middle-aged, full of authority, yet kind and understanding. Her hair was beginning to turn grey, and she had the kind of plump figure that is likely to be comforting to a homesick child. I asked her some questions about her teaching methods, which I had heard were simple.

    1. Mis Beam was
      1. attractive
      2. ugly
      3. what the author expected
      4. social
    2. Miss Beam seemed
      1. powerful but sympathetic
      2. angry yet kind
      3. middle-aged and wise
      4. philosophical and thoughtful
    3. According to the author, a homesick child was likely to
      1. fear her
      2. hate her
      3. respect her
      4. trust her
    4. The author asked Miss Beam about the way
      1. she lived
      2. she taught
      3. she handled children
      4. the children were taught
    5. The word ‘understanding’ here means
      1. wisdom
      2. sense
      3. sympathetic
      4. knowledge

CBSE Worksheet 01
Different Kind of School


  1. Millie was a tall girl. She was the Head girl. Peter was an aged gardener. Anita was a girl with curly red hair.

  2. Miss Beam used simple teaching methods.

  3. The girl was about twelve and the boy was about four years younger than the girl.

  4. Millie is the head girl of Miss Beam's school with very light hair. She wears a blue cotton skirt and a pink blouse.

  5. The real aim of miss Beam's school was not to teach so many subjects to make them thoughtful. They were trained to be kind to others and become responsible citizens. The school aimed at teaching thoughtfulness.

  6. Miss Beam’s school was different from another school because it teaches moral values, thoughtfulness and kindness apart from the general study while all the other schools focus on teaching subjects. According to the school, it was important for children to understand the misfortune and suffering of others. The school makes them share the misfortune of others in order to make them responsible citizens. The teaching methods of the school were different from other schools and children used to follow all the instructions given to them.

  7. On a dumb day, the children were expected to be honest and exercise their will-power to keep quiet. Because the mouth can not be bandaged. That is why some children felt the dumb day was the most difficult day.

  8. i. (c), ii. (a), iii. (d), iv. (d), v. (c).