A tale of two birds - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

A tale of two birds

  1. What made the king sit down under a tree? (A tale of two birds)

  2. Why was the king amazed both the times in the story A tale of two birds?

  3. How did the two birds live before being separated?

  4. What was the attitude of the bird in the rishi's ashram towards the king?

  5. How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the birds behaved? Write your answer in the context of A tale of two birds.

  6. Why did the king run away from the cave? (A tale of two birds)

  7. What did the second bird say to him? Write your answer in the context of A tale of two birds.

  8. Narrate the tale of two birds in your own words.

CBSE Worksheet 01
A tale of two birds


  1. The king rode on for a long time in the forest. He was very tired so he came near a tree and sat down under it.

  2. The king was amazed both the times because he heard different voices from two similar big, brown birds. One called the robbers to rob the king of jewels, while the other welcomed the king to the ashram.

  3. Before being separated, the two birds lived with their mother. The mother had made a nest in a tall tree. There it kept her young ones and looked after them.

  4. The bird in the rishi's ashram tried to make the king comfortable and asked to rest there for some time.

  5. The king was absolutely surprised to see two similar birds with different thoughts. The rishi smiled and explained the different ways in which the birds behaved by saying, after all one is known by the company one keeps. The first bird has always heard the talk of robbers, imitates them and talks about robbing people. The other bird repeats what he always hears and so welcomes people to the ashram.

  6. The king lost his way in the forest. The king took shelter under a tree near the cave. He heard the bird saying to rob him. So he ran away from the cave.

  7. The second bird welcomed the stranger in a gentle voice to the ashram and requested him to go inside and rest. He then said that the rishi would be back soon, and asked him to drink some cold water and make himself comfortable. He had learned the mannerism of the Ashram.

  8. Once there lived a mother bird in a forest. She had two new-born chicks, and they had their nest in a tall and shady tree. One day a storm came with thunder and lightning. The strong wind blew down many trees along with the same tree where the bird lived in her nest. The mother bird was killed during the storm. But the baby birds were blown away to the other end of the forest. One lived in the company of robbers and had adapted their way of living and started working as an informer, while the other stayed with a Rishi and had become gentle and inviting. One day a king heard them speak. The one asked the robbers to loot and kill the king. The other noble bird welcomed him sweetly in the ashram. The rishi narrated their story to the king and also told him the difference between the two. They behaved differently because of the company they kept.