A Game of chance - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 01

A Game of chance

  1. What was Rasheed's fault at the fair? Write your answer in the context of A Game of chance.

  2. How did Rasheed's uncle explain him that shopkeeper tried to befool him?

  3. Why do you think Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence?

  4. What warning did the uncle give to Rasheed?

  5. Why did Rasheed's uncle leave him with Bhaiya in the fair?

  6. Why did Rasheed lose all his money at the Lucky Shop?

  7. What was uncle’s reaction after hearing Rasheed’s story of trying his luck?

  8. Read the given lines and answer the following questions:
    Eid was celebrated only one day but the fair lasted many days. Tradesmen from far and wide came there with all kinds of goods and to sell. You could buy anything from a small pin to a big buffalo.

    1. When does the village have a fair?
    2. What all one can purchase from the village fair?
    3. These lines have been taken from which chapter?
    4. Who comes from far away places and why?
    5. What is the duration of the village fair?

CBSE Worksheet 01
A Game of chance


  1. He did not heed the advice of his uncle neither to buy anything nor to go too far out in his absence.

  2. Uncle explained to Rasheed that the winners were all friends of the shopkeeper. They were playing tricks to get his money by tempting him to try his luck.

  3. Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence because he knew that the shopkeepers would make a fool of Rashid and cheat him.

  4. Rasheed's uncle warned him neither to buy anything from the fair nor to go very far.

  5. Rasheed's uncle met a few of his friends in the fair. They wanted him to spend some time with them. So the uncle left Rasheed with Bhaiya to look around the fair till he came back.

  6. Rasheed lost all his money at the Lucky Shop because its owner was a cheat. He tempted Rasheed with the help of his own people to try his luck and lost all his money.

  7. Rasheed’s uncle was neither angry nor sad after hearing his story of trying luck. His uncle smiled and patted Rasheed. He took Rasheed to a shop and bought him a beautiful umbrella, biscuits and sweets and some other little gifts. He told Rasheed that the shopkeeper had made him a fool.

    1. On the occasion of Eid, there was a fair in the village.
    2. All kinds of goods can be purchased from the fair.
    3. These lines have been taken from 'A Game of Chance'.
    4. The tradesmen came from far away places to sell their goods.
    5. There was no fixed duration of the village fair and it lasted for many days.