Winds Storms and Cyclones - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet 1

Class – VII Science (Winds, Storms and Cyclones)

  1. Cyclone is also known as
    1. Storms
    2. Tsunamis
    3. Hurricanes
    4. Thunder
  2. A wind vane is used to measure the
    1. Wind speed
    2. Wind direction
    3. Air pressure
    4. ir humidity
  3. Lightning is usually accompanied by
    1. Floods
    2. Earthquake
    3. Thunder
    4. Rain
  4. During flood drinking water should be
    1. Boiled
    2. Filtered
    3. Sedimented
    4. All of above
  5. Match the following
    Column AColumn B
    a. Increased wind speedi. Cyclone
    b. Floodii. Typhoon
    c. Wind speed 170 km/hriii. Lightening
    d. Benjamin Frankliniv. Reduced air pressure
    e. Philipinesv. Shortage of drinking water
  6. Fill in the blanks.

    1. Wind at high speed results in -----------------, which can be highly destructive.
    2. Flood result from heavy ---------- and cyclones.
    3. Warm air being lighter rises and results in reduced ---------------.
    4. Cyclones are also known as ------------------.
    5. Air expands on --------------.
  7. What is wind? How does it blow?
  8. List some effects of flood?
  9. Why ventilators are made near the ceiling?
  10. Give one words for the following:
    1. Instrument used to measure wind direction.
    2. Sudden occurrence of light due to friction of clouds.
    3. Loud sound, it occurs with lighting.
    4. Submergence of land areas with water.
    5. Violent storms accompanied by high wind speed.

CBSE Worksheet 1
Class – VII Science (Winds, Storms and Cyclones)
Answer key

  1. c
  2. b
  3. c
  4. a
  5. (a) – (iv), (b) – (i), (c) – (ii), (d) – (iii), (e) –(v).
    1. Storms
    2. rain
    3. air pressure
    4. hurricanes
    5. heating.
  6. Moving air is called wind. At a slow speed it is pleasant, but when it blows at a high speed it can be destructive as it possesses a large amount of kinetic energy.
  7. Flood results in large scale damage to life and property. Severe injuries and breakdown of epidemics results from floods. Contamination of water causes shortage of drinking water.
  8. Ventilators are made near the ceiling for escape of hot air from the room as warm air is lighter than colder air. On heating air becomes lighter.
    1. Wind vane
    2. Lightning
    3. Thunder
    4. Flood
    5. Cyclone.