Visualising Solid Shapes - Worksheets

 CBSE Worksheet-1

CLASS –VII Mathematics (Visualising Solid Shapes)

  1. Give two examples of plane figures.
  2. Define the net of a solid. 
  3. Identify the nets which can be used to make cubes.
  4. Can this be a net for a die? Explain your answer?
  5. A box is in the shape of a cuboid. If its length, breadth and height are 50 cm, 20 cm and 15 cm respectively, find its surface area.
  6. How many wooden cubical blocks of edge 12 cm can be cut from another cubical block of wood of edge 3 m and 60 cm?
  7. Write the number of faces, edges and vertices in the solids given below.
    a. Cube b. Pyramid
  8. Match these two dimensional figures with their names.
    i) a) Triangle
    ii) b) Rectangle
    iii) c) Trapezium
    Iv) d) Cylinder

CBSE Worksheet-1
CLASS –VII Mathematics (
Visualising Solid Shapes)
Answer Key

  1. The circle and the square are examples of plane figures.
  2. 4
  3. Only (a) makes the cube.
  4. No, because one pair of opposite faces will have 1 and 4 on them whose total is not 7, and another pair of opposite faces will have 3 and 6 on them whose total is also not 7.
  5. 4100 cm2
  6. 27,000 blocks.
  7. a. Faces = 6, edges = 12, vertices = 8
    b. Faces = 4, edges = 6, vertices = 4
  8. Matching of the figures is given below:
    i) a) Rectangle
    ii) b) Cylinder
    iii) c) Triangle
    Iv) d) Trapezium