Vistas The Tiger King - Test Papers


Class - 12 English Core (Tiger King)

General Instruction:

  • Question No. 1 to 7 carry three marks each.
  • Question No. 8 and 10 carry six marks each.

  1. What gave the astrologers the greatest surprise of their life while they were studying the horoscope of the ten-day old prince?
  2. How did the Maharaja please a high-ranking officer?
  3. Why did the Maharaja ban tiger hunting in the state?
  4. Why did the Maharaja decide to get married?
  5. Why did the Maharaja double the land tax?
  6. How did the Tiger King become the victim of the hundredth tiger?
  7. What happened to the tiger provided by the Dewan Saheb?
  8. How did the Tiger King stand in danger of losing his kingdom? How was he able to avoid the danger?
  9. The astrologer’s prediction about the death of the Tiger King came to be true. Do you agree with this statement?
  10. How did the Dewan try to help the Maharaja in his mission?

Class - 12 English Core (Tiger King)

  1. When the astrologers were reading the horoscope of the little prince, they were taken by surprise when the ten-day old infant asked about the manner of his death. When the chief astrologer told him that a tiger would be the cause of his death, the baby retorted with arrogance, “Let the tigers beware!”
  2. A high ranking British officer visited the state of Pratibandapuram and sought permission for tiger hunting from the Maharaja. The Maharaja declined his request, but as he did not want to upset the officer, he sent fifty diamond rings to the officer’s wife which cost the king three lakh rupees.
  3. As the prince was crowned the king, the astrologer’s prediction regarding his (the king’s) death by a tiger reached his ears. This prompted the Maharaja to kill a tiger but the astrologer informed him that he had to successfully kill hundred tigers to escape the prophecy. Thus, in order to reach that mark, the Maharaja banned tiger hunting in the state except for himself.
  4. In order to defeat the astrologer’s prophecy, the Maharaja had to kill a hundred tigers. He had already killed seventy tigers and the tiger population in his state neared extinction. For this reason, he wished to marry a girl in the royal family of a state with a rich tiger population, where he would kill the rest of the tigers.
  5. The Maharaja had successfully killed ninety-nine tigers but struggled hard to find the hundredth tiger. Once there came a news of a tiger being spotted at a hillside village but it turned out to be untrue. This infuriated the Maharaja, who ordered the Dewan to double the land tax in order to punish the villagers for the false news.
  6. The Tiger King met his end through the wooden tiger, which he had bought as a gift for his son on his third birthday. While he was playing with his son, a splinter of the poorly made toy tiger pricked the king’s hand. The infection turned into a sore, which spread all over his arm. In spite of the best surgeons, the king’s life could not be saved. The irony is in the fact that in spite of killing nearly all the tigers in the area, he had to face his death by a toy tiger.
  7. The tiger provided by the Dewan Saheb was very old and stood in complete submission. The Maharaja look aim and fired, but actually the bullet missed the tiger which made the tiger faint from the sharp sound of the bullet. In order to keep this fact away from the Maharaja as nobody wanted him to know, one of the hunters himself shot the tiger later on.
  8. Once a high-ranking British officer visited Pratibandapuram. As he was fond of hunting tigers, he expressed his wish of tiger hunting to the king but the king refused permission. Then the British officer requested that he only wanted to be photographed holding gun and standing over the dead body of the tiger and the Maharaja could kill the tiger. However, the Maharaja denied him this permission too, fearing that it would lead to further similar requests from other officers.
    As the Maharaja did not want to upset the British officer and risk losing his kingdom, he sent a fifty diamond rings to the wife of the officer. The lady kept all the rings and sent him a note of thanks. In this way, the king managed to save his kingdom.
  9. I agree with the statement that the astrologer’s prediction about the death of the Tiger King came to be true.
    The astrologer had predicted that Tiger King would be killed by a tiger and he should be wary of the hundredth tiger. This statement of the astrologer forced the king to go on a killing spree. The hundredth tiger was not killed by the king himself but by the hunters, who found out that the old tiger had not died by the bullet of the king but only fainted by the bullet whizzing past him.
    The hundredth tiger was a wooden toy tiger which the king had presented to his three-year old son. It killed the king merely by a sliver of wood protruding from it that pierced his right hand. The wound developed pus and it soon spread all over the arm. The best surgeons failed to save the king and thus, the astrologer’s prediction about the death of the Tiger King proved to be correct.
  10. The old Dewan was wise and knew how to cajole the Maharaja and help him in his mission of killing the hundredth tiger. He kept the tiger, which he had brought the old tiger from the People’s Park in Madras, hidden in his house. When he found the Maharaja was getting anxious and impatient to shoot the tiger, he brought the tiger near Maharaja’s camp. In the midnight, he dragged the old tiger into his car with the help of his wife. He drove the car to the forest and hauled the breast out of the car and pushed it down on the ground near his camp.