Vistas Third Level - Revision Notes

CBSE Class 12 English Core
Revision Notes
Vistas Chapter-1
Third Level


  • The Third Level’ is a story that weaves together a psychological journey of the narrator into past, present and moves towards future.
  • Charley- 31 year old, an American narrates his unusual experience of having been to the third level.
  • He discovers brass spittoons, flickering gas lights, everyone dressed, like 1890’s with old fashioned beards, side burns, fancy moustaches, engine with funnel shaped stack, newspaper.
  • The World, few ticket windows etc in the third level.
  • Charley goes to get the ticket for Galesburg - Illinois- Wonderful town, big houses, huge lawns, plenty of trees, people with lots of leisure time and surprises when the clerk says that it is not currency and he will be put behind the bars.
  • Wife worried -takes him to his Psychiatrist friend.
  • He refuses to believe -says it a waking wish dream fulfillment as he could not face the modern world which is full of fear, insecurity, war, worry, stamp collection a refuge from reality.
  • Charley desperate to go to Galesburg & so exchanges new for old currency. But could never find the third level.
  • Sam’s disappearance has something to do with Galesburg as he was fond of the place.
  • One day while going through his stamp collection, he finds an envelope, containing a letter of July 18, 1894 written by Sam, who is living at Galesburg, assertions the Third level.
  • Charley finds that Sam had bought old currency worth eight hundred dollars.
  • Sam was Charley’s psychiatrist.