Vistas Journey to the End of the Earth - Revision Notes

 CBSE Class 12 English Core

Revision Notes
Vistas Chapter-3
Journey to The End of The Earth


  • The writer Tishani Doshi was part of a programme called ‘Students on Ice’ and was taken to Antarctica. She shares her experiences and impressions.
  • The aim of the expedition was to take high school children to Antarctica, thereby providing them with a unique educational opportunity to see first hand the effect of human activities on environment so that these youngsters, when the time comes to act, will take correct decisions regarding conservation of the environment.
  • Antarctica is the right place to study about the changes in the environment and its impact on humanity as a whole.
  • Antarctica holds the secrets of how earth came to be in its present form. It gives us an insight into how the present landforms came into existence, why certain animal species became extinct.
  • Complete absence of human beings has preserved the carbon records intact.
  • Lack of bio-diversity in Antarctica makes it possible to study the effect of small changes in the environment on animal life and environment.
  • It was a humbling experience for the author and she feel that we need to address environmental issues immediately, if mankind is to survive.