Introducing Indian Society - Solutions

 CBSE Class 11 Sociology

NCERT Solutions
Chapter 1
Sociology and Society

1. Why is the study of the origin and growth of sociology important?

Ans. It is relevant to understand the origin and growth of sociology because:

  • Issues and concerns raised in sociology developed during the rapid changes that occurred in European societies in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Capitalism and industrialisation undermined the old settled order and gave rise to many issues like urbanisation or factory production which are pertinent to all modern societies in varied form.
  • The global impact of capitalism has been seen as the cause of uneven transformation of societies.
  • Sociology emerged as a subject after the French Revolution of 1789. The French Revolution brought about a tremendous socio-political change in society, leading to disruption of family life and other social relations.
  • The transformation in Indian society from past to present is linked to the history of British capitalism or colonialism.
  • The work of western sociologists on capitalism and other aspects of modern society are relevant for understanding the social change in India.

2. Discuss the different aspects of the term' society'. How is it different from your common sense understanding?

  • Society is the web of social relationship.
  • Sociology is a system of usage and procedures of authority and mutual aid of many groupings and division of control of human behaviour and of liberties. (MacIver and Page).
  • This definition of sociology emphasises that main features of society are usage, procedure, authority, mutual aid, group and division and liberties.
  • Usage means accepted ways (norms) of the society.
  • Procedure refers to social institutions like family or marriage which is important for social network.
  • Authority means a system which controls the units of society (Individual) or maintains social web.
  • Groups and division mean groups and subgroups in which the individual interacts and learn social norms.
  • Control of human behaviour refers to social control and freedom to the individuals in the form of written or unwritten norms which are important for smooth functioning of social network.
  • Above mentioned elements are different aspects of society and web of social relationship, according to MacIver and Page.