Flamingo A Thing of Beauty - Solutions

 CBSE Class 12 English Core

NCERT Solutions
Poem 4
A Thing of Beauty

Page No: 98 Before you Read

1. What pleasure does a beautiful thing give us? Are beautiful things worth treasuring?
Answer: The world is filled with negative elements which make our life dull, sad, depressing and bereft of hope. In such moments, a beautiful thing gives us everlasting joy and helps us forget our sorrows.
Yes, a beautiful thing is worth treasuring because even its memory soothes our nerves and inspires us to overcome the challenges of life.

Page No: 99 Think it Out

1. List the things of beauty mentioned in the poem.
Answer: The things of beauty are the sun, the moon, old and new trees, daffodils, clear rills, musk roses that bloom among the thick forest ferns.

2. List the things that cause suffering and pain.
The things that cause suffering and pain are dark phases of our life, adverse circumstances, gloomy days, death of noble people and bad health.

3. What does the line, 'Therefore are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to earth' suggest to you?
This line suggests that things of beauty bind us to the earth with a beautiful connection. We should maintain this friendship- band without harming Nature.According to the poet, even if the world is not worth living because of the innumerable reasons that ultimately result in gloom and depression, the zeal to live a happy and contented life can be derived from the sight of the beautiful bounties of Nature around us.

4. What makes human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings?
Human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings because of the existence of several natural and beautiful things around them. These things of beauty never fade. They give joy and optimism to human mind, and thus, help in overcoming or bearing the troubles and sufferings.Beautiful things in one form or the other facilitate a life full of radiance and propel us to forget the negative sides of life.

5. Why is 'grandeur' associated with the 'mighty dead'?
The 'grandeur'here refers to the beauty of the noble deeds.The "mighty dead"are the warriors who  have sacrificed their lives for some noble cause. They have left behind the beautiful legacy of their brave acts. Their selfless sacrifice for their nation and deeds for the welfare of mankind still continue to inspire us.

6. Do we experience things of beauty only for short moments or do they make a lasting impression on us?
The poet believes that when we look at a beautiful thing or experience a moment of joy and happiness, even for a short time, the pleasure remains with us forever. It leaves a lasting impression that inspires us to live life with hope and optimism.

7. What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth?
The poet uses the image of 'an endless fountain of immortal drink' to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth. The earth, like a fountain, pours unto us numerous beautiful things like the sun, the moon, flowers, rivers and greenery .We are fortunate to enjoy all these beautiful things like the nectar ,the immortal drink to quench our thirst for seeking pleasure and live a beautiful life without any grudge.