Flamingo A Thing of Beauty - Revision Notes

 CBSE Class 12 English Core

Revisoin Notes
Flamigo Poem-4
The Thing of Beauty

This poem tries to perceive the world through language. The poet believes that there are certain things which are beautiful and worth to be treasured. These beautiful things are source of eternal joy, whose attractiveness grows with the passage of time and impact never fades away. It is as pleasant as a cool quiet bower or sound sleep with sweet dreams; or robust health and mental peace. It provides the beholder with a haven of tranquility and solace.

It is the beauty of nature that keeps us attached to this earth. Every morning we collect fresh lovely flowers and prepare garlands. The fascination for flowers is our bonding with the earth. It helps us steer clear of despondency and disappointments. We forget all our despair, of acute shortage of noble souls, of misfortunes that overtake us to test our forbearance. Life is full of trials and tribulations and we often find ourselves in the midst of gloom. Beautiful things make life worthwhile as they lift the veil of gloom, finding way for optimism and hope

The objects of beauty are countless. These include heavenly bodies like the sun and the moon, the old and young trees that provide cool shelter to sleep, the daffodil flowers encased in green leaves, the streams that flow through a shady passage which they make themselves with plants, and the bushes that bear fragrant flowers. These simple and even commonplace things lift the human spirit filling it with joy and delight. In addition to these objects of nature, there are wonderful tales of our legendary heroes, who lived and died heroically, which inspire us with their matchless beauty. These beautiful things are metaphorically an endless source of nectar that pours down to us from heaven bringing eternal joy for the soul’s grandeur. They are like an elixir of life, a never diminishing source of pleasure and delight, an endless fountain of joy that seems to be a precious gift from Heaven.

  • The Poet, John Keats says that beautiful things will never become ‘nothing’ as they will continue to hold us in their spell and sooth our soul.
  • Every beautiful thing is like a band that ties us to this earth as it makes us want to live and enjoy these things of beauty.
    • And these things of beauty, according to the poet, are the things that give hope to human beings and make them want to live, in spite of all the sorrow, ill-health and unpleasant experiences that we face on earth.
    • Some of the beautiful things on this earth that have such an effect on us are the sun, the moon, trees, streams, flowers, forests, beautiful monuments that we have erected for the dead, all the lovely tales that we have heard or read.
    • Finally he compares all these beautiful things to the immortal drink (of perenniality)or nectar given to us by gods or gifts of God. Thus he states his firm belief in the Divine.