Flamingo A Roadside Stand - Revision Notes

 CBSE Class 12 English Core

Revision Notes
Flamingo Chapter-3 
A Roadside Stand

  • Roadside stand by Robert Frost is concerned with human tragedies and fears. He focuses on the rural-urban divide and presents the lives of the poor deprived people with pitiless clarity and with the deepest sympathy and humanity.
  • The dwellers of the little house by the roadside put up a little shed in front of their house as they wanted to earn a little extra-money but not for making their living.
  • The rural people wish to feel some real money that supports the commerce of the cities.
  • The shed was painted artlessly and stood out which made the passers-by irritated at having the beauty of the landscape spoilt.
  • The traffic flowed ceaselessly or if ever they stopped, they felt out of sorts on seeing ‘N’ and ‘S’ written as their mirror images.
  • The Stand sold wild berries and golden squash for sale.
  • The owners of the shed felt cross when nobody wanted to buy anything.
  • The poet feels that the implications of the unstated facts are more pathetic.
  • The government announces schemes to allure such people and house them in villages that are near to the theatre and the store, to reap benefits for their own selfish needs.
  • And the social workers and politicians enforce their decisions by alluring them and destroy their ability to earn their living, thus stripping them of all dignity and their voice.
  • The poet is overcome with pain at the thought of the people waiting in vain for the vehicles. If ever any vehicle stops, it will be to ask for directions, take a u-turn, and enquire about the price or to ask if they sell gas.
  • But the country people have never felt the extra-money in their hands and they complain about it.
  • The poet wonders if it wouldn’t be better if they were put out of their agony at one stroke but then wonders if someone offers the same solution to his pain, how he would feel. Killing is not the solution to the problem.