English Word Power Development

 Given below is a list of words placed in alphabetical order. Each word is followed by a few of its synonyms. Note these words whenever you come across them. You should be familiar with most of the words for which synonyms are given if you have done all the exercises till this point thoroughly. So, this list will be giving you synonyms for the words which you know. Thus learning will be easier.

Words Starting with A

AbandonLeave, desert, forsake
AbaseDegrade, disgrace, humiliate
AbhorHate, loathe, detest
AbridgeShorten, abbreviate
AbsoluteUnalterable, unrestricted, unconditional
AbsurdRidiculous, silly, foolish
AbundantAmple, plentiful
AccessoryAdditional, auxiliary, subsidiary
AdeptProficient, skilled, expert
AdherentFollower, stickler
AdhesiveSticky, glue, gum
AdmirePraise, adore, esteem
AdoreRespect, idolise, worship, admire
AdversityMisery, misfortune
AfflictionDistress, sorrow, sadness
AlienForeign, stranger, unknown
AliveLively, vivacious, living
AlleviateRelieve, lighten, ease
AlmsGratuity, donation, grant
AmendImprove, change, emend
AmicableSuitable, friendly, lovable, amiable
AnxietyEagerness, misgiving, worry
ApathyIndifference, neutrality
AppallingTerrific, terrifying, dreadful, horrible
AppositeApt, suitable, well chosen
AppraiseEvaluate, estimate
ApprehendSeize, fear, arrest
ArbitraryDespotic, wayward
AssentAgree, consent, acquiesce
AstonishAstound, surprise, amaze, bewilder
AudaciousBold, courageous, daring
AversionDislike, detestation, hostility, hatred

Words Starting with B

BaseMean, low, ignoble
BegImplore, ask, beseech, solicit
BehaviourConduct, deportment, way, demeanour
BraveCourageous, intrepid, bold, daring, valiant
BriskActive, fast, quick, busy, alert
BrittleFrail, fragile
BrutalAnimal, savage, beastly, cruel
BurglarThief, bandit, brigand, stealer
BystanderSpectator, onlooker, beholder

Words Starting with C

CalculateEstimate, count, reckon, compute
CallousHard, indifferent, cold-blooded
CalmCool, confident, quiet, serene, tranquil
CancelAnnual, withdraw, revoke, delete
CandidSincere, straightforward. frank
CaptivePrisoner, confined, jailed, bonded
CauseMake, originate, induce, generate, create
CensorCut off, prohibit, ban
CensureBlame, condemn, reprove, reprimand
CharacterLetter, emblem, type, OR nature, disposition, quality
CharityPhilanthropy, benevolence
ChastePure, immaculate, virgin, refined
ChatterBabble, ramble, talk, discourse
CheatDefraud, gull, outwit, dupe
CiteQuote, mention, name, adduce
ClothesApparel, attire, dress, garb
ColossalHuge, gigantic, enormous, big
CommenceBegin, start
CommensurateEquivalent, suitable, applicable, proportionate
ConcealHide, cover, shelter, disguise
ConfessAdmit, acknowledge, reveal, agree
Confuse or confoundMix, perplex, astonish, Amaze, bewilder
ConsequentFollowing, resultant, outcome
ConspiracyPlot, intrigue, treason
ConvictFelon, culprit, criminal, guilty
CowardlyCraven, dastardly, fearful, poltroon
CoyModest, shy, reserved
CraftyArtful, adroit, dexetrous, cunning, deceitful
CrazyMad, insane, silly
CredenceBelief, faith, trust, confidence
CrisisTurning point, emergency, decisive moment
CriterionTest, touchstone, standard, yardstick
CriticismAnalysis, review, stricture
CruelBrutal, unmerciful, beastly, savage
CynicalCaptious, incredulous, sarcastic, morose

Words Starting with D

DangerHazard, risk, peril
DashRun, rush, fly
DastardlyCowardly, invaliant, afraid, fearful
DawnDaybreak, appear, (sunrise), begin
DeadlyFatal, lethal, destructive
DearthScarcity, lack, want
DebaseDegrade, defame, disparage, humiliate
DecayDecompose, rot, decline in power, wealth, waste, wither, fade
DeceaseDeath, demise, end
DeceitFraud, cheating, forgery
DecipherTranslate, interpret, solve, explain
DecorumDecency, etiquette, propriety, gravity
DecreeLaw, edict, ordinance, mandate, judgement
DefamationCalumny, disparagement, debasement
DefectionAbandonment, desertion
DeferPostpone, delay
DeferenceRespect, reverence, honour
DeformityDisfigurement, malformation, ugliness
DejectedDepressed, distressed, downhearted, downcast
DelectableCharming, delightful, pleasant
DelegateCommission, depute, authorise
DeliberateKnowingly done, intentional, forcible
DelicacySoftness, nicety,slenderness, refinement, purity
DelusionIllusion, fancy, error, false belief
DemeanourBehaviour, conduct, bearing
DemiseDeath, decease
DemolishBreak, destroy, annihilate
DemureModest, coy, humane
DenominationName, appellation, designation
DenounceAccuse, malign, criticise, defame, condemn
DenyContradict, refuse, disavow, withhold
DerideRidicule, mock, taunt
DescantDiscourse, expatiate, enlarge
DesireWish, long for, crave, covet
DesolateLonely, deserted, solitary, devastated
DespiseCondemn, dislike
DespondencyDespair, dejection,hopelessness
DespoticArbitrary, tyrannical, illegal
DestituteNeedy, poor, miserable, indigent
DestructionRuin, demolition, ravage
DetainLock in, arrest, hold, custody
DetestDespise, abhor, dislike
DethroneDepose, remove (from office)
DevastateRuin, demolition, ravage
DevoidLacking, empty, vacant
DevoutReligious, reverent
DexterityAdroitness, cleverness, skill
DiabolicalFiendish, devilish, wicked
DiatribeTirade, denunciation
DictatorialTyrannical, arbitrary, despotic
DiffidentHesitating, doubtful, distrusting
DigressionExcursion, deviation, misguidance
DiligenceCare, industry, effort
DireTerrible, awful, horrible; miserable
DisapproveCondemn, reject, disallow
DisavowDeny, refuse
DiscipleFollower, learner, student
DiscloseReveal, tell, uncover, divulge
DisconsolateSad, cheerless, miserable
DiscreditDisbelieve, doubt, disgrace
DisgustAbhorrence, dislike, detestation
DisorderDisease, illness, OR untidiness, uncleanliness
DisownDisclaim, deny, renounce
DisparageDebase, decry, defame
DisposeAdjust, arrange, incline
DisputeArgument, controversy, altercation
DisregardNeglect, overlook,disrespect
DissoluteCorrupt, mean, lax, licentious
DistasteAbhorrence, dislike, detestation
DistortedBlurred, maligned, changed, disguised, deformed, misrepresented
DistressAffliction, depression, misery
DivertTurn aside, deflect, deviate
DivineHeavenly, metaphysical, godlike
DivulgeReveal, uncover, disclose
DocileAmenable, tractable, submissive
DoctrinePrecept, principle, teaching
DogmaticCategorical, authoritative, firm, preachy
DoltBlockhead, stupid, fool, idiot, dullard
DomicileDwelling, home, residence
DotageSenility, imebcility
DownrightSimple, unquestionable, blunt, frank
DreadApprehend, fear
DrenchSoak, wet
DrowsySleepy, comatose, lazy, lethargic
DubiousSuspicious, doubtful, unreliable
DuctilePliant, yielding, flexible
DupeCheat, befool, steal
DwindleShrink, diminish, decrease

Words Starting with E

EarnestEager, ardent, intent,anxious, sincere
EccentricIrregular, anomalous, abnormal, odd
EconomiseSave, retrench
EcstasyTrance, enchantment, rapture
EffaceBlot out, obliterate, destroy
EffeminateWomanly, weak, unmanly
EfficacyEnergy, virtue, potence
EgotisticSelf-centered, egoist, self-conceited
EgregiousConspicuously bad, sinful, monstrous, shocking
ElaborateExplain, discuss, elucidate
ElevatedElated, promoted, upgraded, risen
EliminateRemove, replace, dismiss, discard
EloquenceOratory, rhetoric, finery (of speech) fluency of expression
EmanateOriginate, proceed, spring, issue
EmancipateFree, deliver, liberate
EmbarrassVex, confuse, entangle
EmbezzleSteal, peculate, cheat
EmbodyIncorporate, include, comprise
EmolumentSalary, wage, remuneration
EmulateCompete, rival, vie against, copy
EnchantCharm, bewitch, hypnotise
EncompassSurround, encircle
EncounterCome across, combat, fight
EncroachTrespass, intrude, invade
EndeavourAttempt, effort, aspiration
EndorseBack, approve, ratify
EndurancePatience, continuance, fortitude
EnfranchiseLiberate, free, (also: give right to vote)
EnlightenIlluminate, edify, elaborate
EnmityHostility, hatred, animosity
EnormousBig, huge, colossal, gigantic
EnrageInfuriate, madden, incense, irritate
EnsueSucceed, follow, result
EntangleRavel, involve, perplex
EnterpriseUndertaking, venture, endeavour
EnthusiasmZeal, ardour, interest
EnticeAllure, tempt, seduce, attract
EntreatBeseech, implore, beg
EntwineEncircle, surround, encompass
EnumerateCount, number one by one
EnunciateDeclare, publish, propound, reveal
EnvoyLegate, messenger, ambassador
EpochEra, time, age
EquivocalDoubtful, Ambiguous, uncertain
EradicateRoot out, extirpate, annihilate
ErroneousWrong, false
EruditeLearned, scholarly, lettered
EsteemAdmire, appreciate, adore, respect
EulogyLaudation, praise, extolling, felicitation
EvidenceTestimony, proof, witness
EvinceShow, manifest, demonstrate
ExactExtort, oppress, loot
ExaggerateAmplify, overstate
ExcerptExtract, quotations
ExileExpulsion, banishment, expatriation
ExonerateAcquit, absolve, release
ExorbitantExcessive, too much, very high
ExtinguishQuench, terminate, destroy, put out
ExtravagantExcessive, lavish, stylish
ExuberantAbundant, plentiful
ExultTriumph, rejoice, delight

Words Starting with F

FableStory, legend, myth, fiction
FabricateConstruct, forge, invent
FabulousFictitious, mythical, exaggerated
FacileFluent, ready, glib (of writing), pliable, docile, tractable
FactionClique, cabal, discord, section
FallacyDeception, illusion, mistake
FalterWaver, hesitate, delay, flounder
FamineHunger, starvation, scarcity of food
FanaticalBigoted, enthusiastic
FancyLiking, conception, craving, whim
FarcicalDroll, comic, extravagant
FascinateCharm, bewitch, attract
FastidiousParticular, over-nice, squeamish
FatalDeadly, lethal, mortal
FatigueWeakness, exhaustion, tiredness
FeebleWeak, frail, dim
FelicitateCongratulate, compliment
FelicityJoy, happiness, good luck
FelonCriminal, sinner, guilty, bandit
FermentExcite, agitate
FerocityFierceness, vehemence, fanaticism
FerventGlowing, heated, impassioned
FervourWarmth, glow, vehemence
FestivityGaiety, merry-making
FetterShackle, bind, imprison
FeudDispute, broil, strife
FickleChangeable, vacillating, varying
FiendishDevilish, diabolical, malignant
FigurativeTypical, imaginative, emblematic, metaphorical
FilthyDirty, foul, nasty
FissureCrevice, rift, narrow opening
FlaccidSoft, loose, weak
FlatterAdore, please, praise
FleeceRob, despoil, cheat
FlexibleVariable, pliable, changeable
FlimsyTransparent, thin, trivial, tenuous
FlounderStumble, falter, wallow, struggle
FluctuateUndulate, waver, vacillate
FlutterFlip, quiver, ruffle, agitate
FollyAbsurdity, silliness, imprudence, foolishness
FondleCaress, touch, rub
ForayIncursion, inroad, venture
ForbearanceAbstaining, refraining
ForbidProhibit, disallow, debar
ForebodeBetoken, indicate, augur
ForlornDisconsolate, cheerless, distressed, abandoned, lonely
FormidableDreadful, difficult, hard to overcome
FragileWeak, feeble, slender, delicate
FragrantOdorous, balmy, soothing
FrailtyWeakness, delicacy,fragileness
FranticFrenzied, mad, distracted
FraudulentDishonest, cheating, deceitful
FrayBattlefield, combat, brawl
FriskSkip, dance, caper, frolic
FrivolousVain, foolish, trivial
FrugalEconomical, thrifty
FutileUseless, hopeless, in vain

ords Starting with G

GaietyHilarity, jollity, festivity
GainsayContradict, dispute, controvert, deny
GallantryCourage, bravery, heroism
GarbageFilth, waste, useless, throwaway, trash
GarnerAccumulate, collect, gather
GarrulousPrattling, chattering
GawkyAwkward, clumsy
GayHappy, merry, joyous
GenerousNoble, magnanimous, kind, liberal
GenteelWell-bred, well-cultured, polite, refined
GenuineTrue, authentic, real
GhastlyHorrible, horrifying, horrific
GhostPhantom, spirit, spectre
GlimmerShine, flash, gleam
GlimpseGlance, (quick) look, (brief) view
GlistenShine, beam, glow
GloomDepression, melancholy, loneliness
GlutinousSticky, viscous
GluttonousGreedy, gorging, voracious
GrandeurSplendour, magnificence, glory
GrappleGrasp, clutch, seize
GratificationSatisfaction, enjoyment
GravitySeriousness, importance, calmness
GreedAvarice, ravenous, envious, covetous
GrievanceHardship, complaint, trouble
GrotesqueHorrifying, contorted, bizzare, whimsical
GrudgeGrievance, begrudge, resent
GullibleSimple, easy, pliable, credulous

Words Starting with H

HallucinationDelusion, illusion, nightmare
HamperImpede, block, fetter, bind
HaplessUnfortunate, unlucky
Haranguea lengthy speech, oration
HardshipTrouble, adversity, difficulty
HaughtyArrogant, overbearing, imperious
HavocDevastation, destruction, ruin
HeartySincere, warm, ardent
HeaveRaise, lift
HedgeFence, hem
HeedAdvise, note, consider, mind
HeinousAtrocious, odious, wicked
HemBorder, edge, fringe, outskirt
HerculeanColossal, laborious, excessive
HeterogeneousDissimilar, unlike, different, diverse, varied
HideousTerrific, horrible, filthy
HilariousExceedingly, funny, boisterously merry, amusing, joyous
HindranceImpediment, hampering, obstruction, obstacle
HistrionicTheatrical, dramatic
Hoax or HumbugDupe, cheat, befool
HomageDeference, salute, worshipping
HorizonVerge, limit, skyline
HostileAdverse, opposing, inimical
Hoverremain in one place in the air, remain suspended, linger
HumaneCompassionate, caring, bvenevolent
HumiliateAbase, insult, mock, defy
HumorousAmusing, laughable, comical
HypocrisyPretence, imposture, deceit

Words Starting with I

IdoliseAdore, worship, admire
Illegal or IllicitUnlawful, prohibited
IllogicalInconsequent, irrational
ImitateCopy, follow, mimic, emulate
ImmaculateSpotless, stainless, perfect
ImmatureCrude, childish, unseasoned
ImminentImpending, near, due, threatening
ImmodestIndecent, indelicate, unchaste
ImmortalEverlasting, undying, endless
ImpassionedFervent, frenzied, fanatical
ImpeachmentImputation, accusation
ImplicitImplied, assumed, inferred
ImpostorCheat, conman, charlatan
ImpracticableImpossible, (merely) theoretical
ImpressiveStriking, affecting, extraordinary
ImpunityExemption (from punishment)
InaneEmpty, silly, idiotic
InarticulateVoiceless, indistinct, inexpressive
IncenseInfuriate, enrage, anger
IncessantUnceasing, continual
Incognito(Identity) Concealed, secretly, stealthily
InculcateInstil, enforce, pass on, generate
InculpateBlame, incriminate
IncumbentCompulsory, obligatory, binding
IncursionInroad, foray, venture
IndefatigableTireless, assiduous
IndictAccuse, charge
IndiscriminateMixed, undistinguished, confused, wanton
IndolenceApathy, inactivity, laziness, sluggishness, lethargy
IndustriousBusy, active, tireless
InevitableUnavoidable, certain, sure
InexorableRelentless, indefatigable
InfallibleUnfailing, unerring, certain
InfectiousCatching, contaminating, corrupting, transmittable
InferGather, conclude, deduce
InfluenceAuthority, effect, power
InfringeBreak, violate, transgress, encroach
IngredientConstituent, component, element
InherentInborn, innate, built-in
InhibitionRestraint, check
IniquitousUnjust, wrong, unfair
InitiateStart, begin, inchoate
InnocuousHarmless, mild, innocent
InsanityMadness, lunacy, mania
InsidiousDeceitful, treacherous
InstantaneousImmediate, Sudden, quick
InstigateArouse, misguide, provoke
IntactUntouched, unscathed, whole, unbroken, undamaged, unimpaired, entire
IntegrityOneness, entirety, completeness, honesty, wholeness, soundness
IntellectualIntelligent, rational, learned
IntentionalDeliberate, intended,
IntercourseIntimacy, association, communication
IntermissionSuspension, stoppage, pause, cessation, interval
InterveneInterpose, mediate
IntimateClose, tender, friendly or informal, advertise, inform
IntolerableUnendurable, unbearable
IntransigentUncompromising, inflexible
IntrepidBrave, fearless
IntricateComplex, difficult, complicated
IntuitionInsight, premonition, instinct
InveterateHabitual, deep-rooted
InvoluntaryCompulsory, unwilled, reflex
IrksomeAnnoying, disagreeable, tedious
IrresoluteWavering, confused, vacillating
ItinerantTravelling (on a circuit), wandering, nomadic

Words Starting with J, K and L

JadedTired, weary
Jargoncant, technical language, gibberish
JocoseJocular, humorous
JocularInclined to joke.
JuxtapositionCloseness, nearness
KioskStand (open on one side), booth
KneadWork up (into dough), press, squeeze
LacerateTear (tissue toughly), mangle
LachrymoseGiven to shedding tears.
Laconic(Briskly) Short, concise, pithy
LanguidListless, spiritless
LanguishDie (with hunger or desire), weaken, droop
LassitudeWeariness, tiredness
LatentHidden, concealed
LegacyA bequest.
LegitimateGenuine, lawful

Words Starting with M and N

MalaiseA condition of uneasiness or ill-being.
MalevolenceIll will.
MawkishSickening or insipid.
MellifluousSweetly or smoothly flowing.
MendicantA beggar.
MesmerizeTo hypnotize.
MienThe external appearance or manner of a person.
ModicumA small or token amount.
MollifyTo soothe.
MoribundOn the point of dying.
MultifariousHaving great diversity or variety.
MundaneWorldly, as opposed to spiritual or celestial.
MunificentExtraordinarily generous.
MyriadA vast indefinite number.
NadirThe lowest point.
NefariousWicked in the extreme.
NegligentApt to omit what ought to be done.
NeophyteHaving the character of a beginner.
NugatoryHaving no power or force.

Words Starting with O

ObdurateImpassive to feelings of humanity or pity.
ObfuscateTo darken; to obscure.
ObliqueSlanting; said of lines.
OdiumA feeling of extreme repugnance, or of dislike and disgust.
OnerousBurdensome or oppressive.
OnusA burden or responsibility.

Words Starting with P

PalateThe roof of the mouth.
PalliateTo cause to appear less guilty.
PalpablePerceptible by feeling or touch.
PanoplyA full set of armor.
ParagonA model of excellence.
PariahA member of a degraded class; a social outcast.
ParoxysmA sudden outburst (of any kind of activity).
PenchantA bias in favor of something.
PenuriousExcessively sparing in the use of money.
PeremptoryPrecluding question or appeal.
PeripateticWalking about.
PerjuryA solemn assertion of a falsity.
PermeateTo pervade.
PerniciousTending to kill or hurt.
PerspicacityAcuteness or discernment.
PerturbationMental excitement or confusion.
PetulantDisplaying impatience.
PhlegmaticNot easily roused to feeling or action.
PiqueTo excite a slight degree of anger in.
PleaAn argument (to obtain some desired action).
PlethoraExcess; superabundance.
PoignantSeverely painful or acute to the spirit.
PolyglotSpeaking several tongues.
PonderousUnusually weighty or forcible.
PortentAnything that indicates what is to happen.
PragmaticPractical(values), empirical
PrecariousCritical, dangerous
PrecludeTo prevent.
PrecociousAdvanced (in development), overforward, premature
PredilectionPreference, partiality, inclination
PredominateTo be chief in importance, quantity, or degree.
Preposterous(Very) Absurd, ridiculous
Prerogative(Special) Right, privilege
PresageTo foretell.
PrescienceKnowledge of events before they take place.
PrimStiffly proper.
ProbityVirtue or integrity tested and confirmed.
ProclivityA natural inclination.
ProdigiousLarge, immense
ProfligateImmoral, wanton, reckless, dissolute, licentious
ProfuseProduced or displayed in overabundance.
PromiscuousIndiscriminate, impure, casual
PropinquityNearness, proximity
PropitiousKindly disposed.
ProtagonistLeading character), hero(ine)
ProvidentialFortunate, lucky
PuissantPowerful, influential, mighty
PunctiliousExact (in formalities), ceremonious, conscientious
PungencyThe quality of affecting the sense of smell.
PusillanimousWithout spirit or bravery.
PutrefyDecay, rot, decompose
PyreA heap of combustibles arranged for burning a dead body.

Words Starting with Q

QualmA fit of nausea.
QuandaryDoubt, dilemma, plight
QuibbleAn utterly trivial distinction or objection.
QuiescenceBeing quiet, still, or at rest; inactive
QuirkTwist, quibble, deviation
Quixotic(Foolishly) Chivalrous, unrealistic, whimsical

Words Starting with R

RabbleThrong (of the vulgar), crowd, proletariat
RabidFurious, mad, fanatical
RaconteurA person skilled in telling stories.
RailleryJesting (language), banter, ridicule
RamifyTo divide or subdivide into branches or subdivisions.
RampantRife, widespread
RamshackleDilapidated, tumbledown, rickety
RapaciousSieze by force, avaricious
RecalcitrantStubborn, refractory
RecluseOne who lives in retirement or seclusion.
ReconditeIncomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding.
RecuperateTo recover.
RedundantWordy, repetitious, superfluous, needless
RefractoryNot amenable to control.
RegaleTo give unusual pleasure.
RegicideThe killing of a king or sovereign.
ReiterateTo say or do again and again.
RelapseTo suffer a return of a disease after partial recovery.
RelegateAssign a lower position, banish, demote
RepastA meal; figuratively, any refreshment.
RepineTo indulge in fretfulness and faultfinding.
Reprisal(Injury in) Return, retaliation, revenge
ReprobateOne abandoned to depravity and sin.
RepudiateDisavow, disclaim
ResilienceThe power of springing back to a former position
ResonanceAble to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations.
RespiteInterval of rest.
RestiveResisting control.
RevereTo regard with worshipful veneration.
RotundRound from fullness or plumpness.
RuffianA lawless or recklessly brutal fellow.
RuminateTo chew over again, as food previously swallowed and regurgitated.

Words Starting with S

SagaciousWise, shrewd, astute
SalaciousObscene, foul, indecent, lecherous
SalubriousHealthful; promoting health.
Salutary(Morally) Healthy, salubrious, beneficial
SanguineArdent, confident, optimistic
SardonicIronical, scornful, derisive
SatiateGratify (fully), surfeit, saturate
SatyrA very lascivious person.
SavorTo perceive by taste or smell.
SchismDisjunction, split
ScribbleHasty, careless writing.
SeditionPlotting (against government), incitement, insurgence
SedulousPersevering in effort or endeavor.
SinecureAny position (having emoluments with few or no duties).
SinuousCurving in and out.
SluggardA person habitually lazy or idle.
SolaceComfort in grief, trouble, or calamity.
SolventHaving sufficient funds to pay all debts.
SomniferousTending to produce sleep.
SoporificCausing sleep; also, something that causes sleep.
SordidFilthy, morally degraded
SpuriousNot genuine.
SqualidHaving a dirty, mean, poverty-stricken appearance.
StanchTo stop the flowing of; to check.
StingyCheap, unwilling to spend money.
StolidExpressing no power of feeling or perceiving.
SubmergeTo place or plunge under water.
SumptuousRich and costly.
SuperciliousExhibiting haughty and careless contempt.
SuperfluousBeing more than is needed.
SupersedeTo displace.
SupineLying on the back.
SupplicateTo beg.
SuppressTo prevent from being disclosed or punished.
SurchargeAn additional amount charged.
SurfeitTo feed to fullness or to satiety.
SusceptibilityA specific capability of feeling or emotion.

Words Starting with T

TaciturnDisinclined to conversation.
TautStretched tight.
TemerityFoolhardy disregard of danger; recklessness.
TimorousLacking courage.
TorpidDull; sluggish; inactive.
TorridExcessively hot.
TortuousAbounding in irregular bends or turns.
TractableEasily led or controlled.
TransgressTo break a law.
TransitoryExisting for a short time only.
TravailHard or agonizing labor.
TravestyA grotesque imitation.
TrenchantCutting deeply and quickly.
TrepidationNervous uncertainty of feeling.
TriteMade commonplace by frequent repetition.
TruculentHaving the character or the spirit of a savage.
TurbidIn a state of turmoil; muddled

Words Starting with U

UbiquitousBeing present everywhere.
UmbrageA sense of injury.
UndulateTo move like a wave or in waves.
UntowardCausing annoyance or hindrance.
UpbraidTo reproach as deserving blame.

Words Starting From V to Z

VagaryA sudden desire or action
VaingloryExcessive, pretentious, and demonstrative vanity.
VapidHaving lost sparkling quality and flavor.
VariegatedHaving marks or patches of different colors; also, varied.
VehementVery eager or urgent.
VenalMercenary, corrupt.
VeneerOutside show or elegance.
VenialThat may be pardoned or forgiven, a forgivable sin.
VeraciousHabitually disposed to speak the truth.
VerbiageUse of many words without necessity.
VerdantGreen with vegetation.
VeritableReal; true; genuine.
Vestige(A visible) trace, mark, or impression (of something absent, lost, or gone).
ViragoLoud talkative women, strong statured women
VirtuRare, curious, or beautiful quality.
VisageThe face, countenance, or look of a person.
VitiateTo contaminate.
VituperateTo overwhelm with wordy abuse.
VivifyTo endue with life.
VociferousMaking a loud outcry.
VolubleHaving great fluency in speaking.