English One Word Substitution List with Meaning

 One Word Substitution can often express the idea of a phrase or a clause and can help in writing or communicating precisely. List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. These words are very important for MBA, SSC, Bank PO and other similar competitive exams.

AbdicateRenounce a throne, high office or dignity
AbolishDo away with
AccelerateTo move faster
AccompliceOne associated with another especially in wrong-doing
AcousticsScience of the production, transmission, reception and effect of sound
AcrobatOne who performs gymnastic feats
AdolescenceThe period of life from puberty to maturity
ActuaryOne who calculates insurance and annuity premium etc
AdulterateMake impure by the addition of inferior substance
AggressionUnprovoked attack of one country by another
AmnestyGeneral pardon
AbattoirA building where animals are killed for meal (or slaughterhouse)
Ad hocMade for a particular purpose
AeronauticsThe science of the operation and flight of aircraft
AestheteA person with a highly developed sense of beauty
AgnosticOne who believes that nothing can be known about God
AgoraphobiaFear of open spaces
AlibiIt is Latin for elsewhere. It is actually a plea of having been elsewhere at the time of commission of an act. But it is now used in the sense of an excuse. Example: He offered no alibi for his absence from duty.
AlimonyCompensatory allowance given to wife after divorce
AllergicAllergy means, a heightened sensitivity to a substance as food, medicine etc. Allergic means having an aversion to. He is allergic to hard work.
AltruistOne who is habitually kind to others
AlumnusA former student of a school or college
AmbivalentThe word means simultaneous attraction towards and repulsion from an object, person or action. The attitude of educated Indians to love-marriages is ambivalent
AnachronismThat which appears to be in the wrong period
AnarchyLawlessness and disorder caused by absence of control
AnecdoteA short interesting or amusing story
AnthologyA collection of poems or writings
Aphorism(or maxim) A wise saying in a few words
AphrodisiacA medicine causing sexual excitement
ApiaryA place where bees are kept
ApprenticeA person who works under someone to learn that person’s skill
ArborealThose who live in trees
Armistice(or cease-fire or truce) An agreement to stop fighting
AsceticOne who avoids physical pleasures and comforts
AstrologyThe art of understanding the influence of heavenly bodies
AstronomyScientific study of heavenly bodies
AviaryA place for keeping birds
BacklogIt means an accumulation of arrears. Example: I must clear my heavy backlog of arrears.
BackwaterA Dart of a river out of the main stream, where the water does not move
BarbarianAn uncivilised person
BarbecueA metal flame on which meat etc. is cooked over an open fire
BarometerAn instrument for measuring the air pressure
BeverageA liquid for drinking
BibliographyA list of writings on a subject
BiennialHappening once every two years
BigamySystem of two marriages
Biodata(or resume or curriculum vitae) A short written account of one’s education and past employment
Black HoleAn area in outer space into which everything near it, including light, is pulled-
BleachMake white or pale by mean~ of chemicals or sunlight
Blue BloodThe quality of being a noble person by birth
BlueprintThe word originated in the engineering industry where it means the final stage of paper design. So it may mean the final plan or layout. Example: The blueprint of the Five-Year Plan is ready.
BonsaiThe art of growing a plant in a pot that is prevented from reaching its natural size
Bon VivantOne who likes good wine and food and cheerful companions
Bookworm(or nerd) One who is too fond of reading and study
BotanyThe scientific study of plants
BottleneckIt is a narrow passage, a place, stage or condition that checks progress. Example: We must rem o”e all bottlenecks in the swift implementation of policies.
BoulevardA broad street having trees on each side
BourgeoisBelonging to the middle class
Bric-a-bracSmall objects kept for decoration
BullionBars of gold or silver
BustA piece of sculpture showing a person’s head, shoulders, and upper chest
CabalA small group of people who make secret plans for political action
CalligraphyThe art of beautiful writing by hand
CanineOf a dog
CannibalOne who eats human flesh
CardiacConnected with the heart
Catch-22A situation from which one is prevented from escaping by something that is part of the situation itself
CelestialOf the sky or heaven
CerebralConnected with the brain
ChaletA wooden house with a steeply sloping roof
CharlatanOne who deceives others by falsely claiming to have a skill
CalmistryThe art of telling one’s character or future by examining one’s hands
CelibacyOne who does not indulge in carnal pleasure
Clean sweepA complete victory
Clock-and-DaggerStories that deal with adventure and exciting mystery
ClotA half-solid mass or lump formed from a liquid, especially blood
ClubfootA badly-shaped foot twisted out of position from birth
CoagulateChange from a liquid into a solid by chemical action
Cold warSevere political struggle between countries, without actual fighting
ColloquialSuitable for ordinary, informal, or familiar conversation
ColonnadeA row of pillars supporting a roof or arches
ComaA state of long unnatural deep unconsciousness
Combustible(or Inflammable) That can catch fire and burn easily
ComradeA close companion who shares difficult work
CongenitalExisting at or from one’s birth
ConnotationThe feeling or ideas that are suggested by a word
ConsortiumA combination of several companies, banks, etc. for a common purpose
ConsulA person appointed by a govt. to protect and help its citizens and its interests in trade in a foreign city
ContemporaryA person living at the same time as another
ContretempsAn unlucky and unexpected event, socially uncomfortable
CorinthianTypical of the most richly decorated style of ancient Greek building
CorrigendumSomething (to be) made correct in a printed book
CounterfeitMade exactly like something real in order to deceive
CountervailingActing with equal force but opposite effect
CoutureThe business of making and selling fashionable women’s clothes
CradleA small bed for a baby
CreativityThe ability to produce new and original ideas
CriminologyThe scientific study of crime and criminals
CrossroadsA point at which an important decision must be taken
CruiseA sea voyage for pleasure
CuisineA style of cooking
DaredevilOne who is prepared to take dangerous risks
D-dayA day on which an important operation is to begin
DebacleA sudden complete failure
DecanterA container for holding alcoholic drinks, especially wine
DefeatismThe practice of thinking in a way that shows an expectation of being unsuccessful
DeficitThe amount by which something is less than what is needed
Déja vuThe feeling of remembering something that in fact one is experiencing for the first time
DepressionA long period of seriously reduced business activity and high unemployment
DesignateChosen for an office but not yet officially placed in it
DisarmamentReduction of weapons by a government
DissectionCutting up the body of a plant or animal for studying
DividendThe money which is divided among shareholders
DomeA rounded roof on a building
DormitoryA large room containing a number of beds
Down-and-outOne who is suffering from lack of money, work, etc, and is unable to change the situation
DragnetA system of connected actions and methods for catching criminals
DregsSediment in a liquid that sinks to the, bottom and is thrown away
DrudgeryHard uninteresting work
DutchOf the Netherlands (Holland)
Eagle-eyedLooking with very keen attention and noticing small details
EavesThe edges of a roof which come out beyond the walls
EddyA circular movement of water, wind, dust, etc.
ElasticAble to spring back into shape after being stretched
ElectrocuteTo kill by passing electricity through the body
EmbargoAn official order forbidding trade with another country
EmpiricalBased on practical experience of the world we see and feel
EnigmaticThat which is mysterious and very hard to understand
EntomologyThe scientific study of insects
EpicA long narrative poem
EpicureanLover of physical/material
ErgonomicsThe study of the conditions in which people work most effectively with machines
EstuaryThe wide lower part or mouth of a river
EvaporateTo change into steam and disappear
EvolutionGradual development from simpler forms
ExciseTax on goods produced and used inside a country
ExpletiveAn often meaningless word used for swearing
ExpressionismA style of painting which expresses feelings rather than describing objects and experiences
ExtrovertOne who likes to spend time with others
FacetAny of the many flat sides of a cut jewel
FaecesThe solid waste material passed from the bowels
FallacyA false idea or belief
FarceA light humorous play full of silly things happening
FarrierOne who makes and fits shoes for horses
FebrileOf or caused by fever
FelonyA serious crime such as murder or armed robbery
Fiance(feminine fiancée) The person one is going to marry
FilamentA thin thread
FloggingSevere beating with a whip or stick
FloraAll the plants of a particular place, country, or period
FluvialOf, found in, or produced by rivers
FoibleA small rather strange and stupid personal habit
FoolscapA large size of paper, especially writing paper
ForayA sudden rush into enemy country
ForemanA skilled and experienced worker in charge of other workers
FortnightTwo weeks
Fourth EstateNewspapers and their writers, considered with regard to their political influence
FreckleA small flat brown spot on the skin
FreightGoods carried by ship, train. plane, etc.
FrillA decorative edge to a piece of material
FrontispieceA picture or photograph at the beginning of a book
FumigateTo clear of disease, bacteria etc. by means of chemical smoke
FurrowA long narrow track cut by a plough
GalaxyA large group of stars
GastronomyThe art and science of cooking and eating good food
GelatineA clear substance used for making jellies
GeocentricHaving the Earth as the central point
GigoloA man who is paid to be a woman’s lover
GlacierA mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain valley
GlutA larger supply than is necessary
GoateeA little pointed beard on the bottom of the chin
Go-GetterOne who is forceful, determined, and likely to succeed in getting what one wants
Good SamaritanOne who helps others in trouble, without thinking of oneself
GorgeA deep narrow valley with steep sides
GraffitiDrawings or writing on a wall
GrangeA large country house with Farm buildings
Green BeltA stretch of land, around a town or city, where building is not allowed, so that fields, woods, etc. remain
GruntShort deep rough sound of a pig
GubernatorialOf a governor
Guinea pigA person who is subject of some kind of test
HalitosisA condition in which one has bad breath
Handbook‘A short book giving all the most important information about a subject
HangarA big building where aircraft are kept between flights
HarpoonA spear with a long rope, used for hunting large sea animals
HavenA place of calm and safety
HeadgearA covering for the head
HeadstrongDetermined to do what one wants in spite of all advice
Heat-strokeFever and weakness caused by too much heat
HeirloomA valuable object passed on for generations
HerbivoreA plant-eating animal
HideAn animal’s skin, when removed to be used for leather
HinterlandThe inner part of a country
HistrionicsBehaviour resembling a theatrical performance
HolocaustGreat destruction and the loss of many lives
HolsterA leather holder for a pistol
HooliganA noisy rough person who causes trouble
HotheadOne who does things too quickly, without thinking
HubThe central part of a wheel
HumpA lump on the back of a camel
IdeologyA set of ideas on which a political or economic system is based
IdolatryThe worship of idols
IllegibleDifficult or impossible to read
ImmortalThat which will never die
ImplacableImpossible to satisfy, change, or make less angry
ImprovidentOne who does not save for the future
IncarnateIn physical form rather than in the form of a spirit or idea
IncorporealWithout a body
InedibleNot suitable for eating
InflateTo fill until swelled with air or gas
IngestTo take food into the stomach
InnateThat which one is born with
InseminateTo put male seed into a female
IntelligentsiaThose who are highly educated and often concern themselves with ideas and new developments
IntestateNot having made a will
InvectiveA forceful attacking speech used for blaming someone
InvoiceA list of goods supplied, stating quantity and price
IrreproachableSo good that no blame at all could be given
JournalA serious magazine produced by a specialist society
JuntaA council or assembly that deliberates in secret upon the affairs of government.
JuxtaposeTo place side by side or close together
KennelA small hut for a dog
KimonoA long loose garment made of silk
KnuckleThe joint between the finger and the hand
LackeyOne who behaves like a servant by always obeying
Lead TimeThe time taken in planning and producing a new product
LecherOne who continually looks for sexual pleasure
LeonineOf or like a lion
LeveeAn embankment beside a river or stream or an arm of the sea, to prevent overflow.
LevyAn official demand and collection, especially of a tax
LibertarianOne who believes that people should have freedom of expression
LienA legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge.
LimerickA humorous short poem with five lines
LinchpinAn important member which keeps the whole group together
LiteratiPeople with great knowledge of literature
LiveryUniform of a special type for servants
LocaleA place where something particular happens
Logger VOne whose job is to cut down trees
LoomA machine on which thread is woven into cloth
LoreOld beliefs, not written down, about a particular subject
LowbrowOne who has no interest in literature, art, etc.
LullabyA pleasant song used for causing children to sleep
MacheteA knife with a broad heavy blade
Magnum OpusA great work of art
MaladyThat which is wrong with a system
MalaiseA feeling of pain without any particular pain or appearance of disease
MalcontentOne who is dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs.
Male ChauvinistA man who believes that men are better than women
MalignTo speak evil of, especially to do so falsely and severely.
ManeThe long hair on the back of a horse’s neck
ManualA book giving information about how to do something
Market ForcesThe free operation of business and trade without govt. controls
MascotChosen as a symbol and thought to bring good luck
MassacreThe unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of human beings.
MaterialismToo great interest on in money & material etc, rather than spiritual matters
MechanicsThe science of the action of forces on objects
MegalomaniaThe belief that one is more important than one really is
MercantileOf trade and business
MeteorologyThe scientific study of weather conditions
MidriffThe part of the human body between the chest and the waist
MilitiaThose trained as soldiers but not belonging to a regular army
MiniatureA very small painting
MirageThe appearing of objects which are not really there
MisnomerA name wrongly or mistakenly applied.
MoccasinA simple shoe made of leather
Modus OperandiA method of doing something typical of someone
MogulA person of very great power. wealth, and importance
MonarchyRule by a king or queen
MonomaniacOne who keeps thinking of one particular idea only
MoralisticHaving unchanging narrow ideas about right and wrong
MorbidCaused by or denoting a diseased or unsound condition of body or mind.
MottoA few words taken as the guiding principle
MultinationalA company having operations in many different countries
Mundane meansWorldly/earthly
MycologyThe study of fungi (plural of fungus)
NamesakeA person with the same name as yours is your
NauticalOf sailors, ships, or sailing
NecromancyThe practice which claims to learn about the future by talking with the dead
NemesisJust and unavoidable punishment
NewfangledNew (idea. machine etc) but neither necessary nor better
NihilismThe belief that nothing has meaning or value
Noddinglower and raise one’s head slightly and briefly, to give someone a signal
AcquaintanceA very slight familiarity
NosegayA small bunch of flowers, to be carried or worn on a dress
NotaryA public official who makes written statements official
No-win SituationThat which will end badly whichever choice one makes
NurseryA place where small children are taken care of
OarA long pole used for rowing a boat
ObstetricsThe branch of medicine concerned with childbirth
ObtrudeTo be pushed or to push oneself into undue prominence.
ObtrusiveTending to be pushed or to push oneself into undue prominence.
ObviateTo clear away or provide for, as an objection or difficulty.
OdoriferousHaving a smell, especially a pleasant one
Off-WhiteWhite with some grey or yellow
OligarchyA collective government formed by a few persons
One-UpmanshipThe art of getting an advantage over others without actually cheating
OntologyThe branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of existence
OperationalThe study of how best to build and use
OpprobriumThe state of being scornfully reproached or accused of evil.
OrderlyA soldier who attends an officer
OrnithologyThe scientific study of birds
OstentationA display dictated by vanity and intended to invite applause or flattery.
OstracismExclusion from intercourse or favor, as in society or politics.
OutcastOne who is forced from one’s home or without friends
OverhaulThorough examination and repair if necessary
PacemakerA small machine that regularises heartbeats
PalaeographyThe study of ancient writing
PanaceaA remedy or medicine proposed for or professing to cure all diseases.
PanacheAn admirably stylish manner of doing things effortlessly
PanegyricA formal and elaborate eulogy, written or spoken, of a person or of an act.
PariahOne who is not accepted by society
ParricideAct of murdering one’s father
Parting ShotA last remark made at the moment of leaving
Passive SmokingThe breathing in of smoke from the cigarettes that others are smoking
PatentThe right to make or sell a new invention
PaunchA man’s fat stomach
PeanutsToo small a sum of money
Peeping TomOne who secretly looks at others when they are undressing
PenanceMaking oneself willingly suffer for one’s wrongs
PerditionEverlasting punishment after death
PerjuryA lie told on purpose
Persona on GrataOne who is not acceptable or welcome
PetrologyThe scientific study of rocks
PhoneticsThe study and science of speech sounds
PhylumA main division of animals or plants
PigmentThe natural colouring matter of plants and animals
PillionA seat for a second person on a motorcycle
PitheadThe entrance to a coalmine
PlacateTo bring from a state of angry or hostile feeling to one of patience or friendliness.
PlaintiffOne who brings a charge against someone in a court
PlatitudeA written or spoken statement that is flat, dull, or commonplace.
PlatonicA friendly, not sexual, relationship between a man and a woman
PlebeianOf the lower social classes
PoetasterA writer of bad poems
Poker FaceA face that shows nothing of what one is thinking or feeling
PorcineOf or like a pig
PorkMeat from pigs
PortendTo indicate as being about to happen, especially by previous signs.
Post-HasteIn a great hurry
Pot-BoilerA book of low quality produced quickly to get money
Powder KegSomething dangerous that might explode
PrécisA shortened form of a piece of writing
PrescientAble to imagine or guess what will probably happen
PrevaricateTo use ambiguous or evasive language for the purpose of deceiving or diverting attention.
PreyAn animal that is hunted and eaten by another
Prima DonnaThe main woman singer in an opera company
ProdigalOne wasteful or extravagant, especially in the use of money or property.
ProfileA side view of someone’s head
ProjectionSomething that sticks out from a surface
PropellantAn explosive for firing a bullet or a rocket
Protagonistmeans first actor in a play. It means one who takes the leading part in a drama, novel or any other sphere. Clearly the word is not an antonym of antagonist which means one who contends with another.
ProscribeTo reject, as a teaching or a practice, with condemnation or denunciation.
ProsodyThe rules by which the patterns of sounds are arranged in poetry
Postscript (or P.S.)A note added at the end of a letter
PulmonaryOf or having an effect on the lungs
PunctiliousStrictly observant of the rules or forms prescribed by law or custom.
PunterOne who makes a bet on horserace results
PusA thick yellowish liquid produced in an infected wound
PutschA sudden secretly planned attempt to remove a govt. by force
QuartetFour singers or musicians performing together
QuixoticTrying to do the impossible, often so as to help others, while getting oneself into danger
RaconteurOne who is good at telling stories in an interesting way
RailleryFriendly joking al someone’s weakness
RangerThe keeper of a forest
Real EstateProperty in the form of land and houses
Real PolitickPolitics based on practical facts rather than on moral aims
RebuffA peremptory or unexpected rejection of advances or approaches.
RecantTo withdraw formally one’s belief (in something previously believed or maintained).
RecumbentLying down on the back or side
Red-HandedIn the act of doing something wrong
Redundantmeans exceeding what is natural, usual or necessary. The idea of too much is inseparable from it. It is not a synonym of inappropriate.
ReflationA govt. policy of increasing the amount of money
RelicSomething old that reminds us of the past
RenaissanceA renewal of interest in some particular kind of art, literature, etc.
RenalOf the kidneys
RequisitionAn official demand or request
RescindTo make void, as an act, by the enacting authority or a superior authority.
ResonanceSound produced in one object by sound waves from another
RetributionA severe deserved punishment
RevisionismThe questioning of the main beliefs of an already existing political system
RhymeTo end with the same sound, including a vowel
Right-hand ManOne’s most useful and valuable helper
RingleaderOne who leads others to do wrong or make trouble
RivieraA warm stretch of coast, popular with holiday makers
RodentA small herbivore with strong sharp long front teeth
Rolling StoneOne who.travels around a lot and has no fixed address or responsibilities
RosaryA string of beads used for counting prayers
Roving eyeSexual interests that pass quickly from one person to another
Rubber StampOne who acts only to make official the decisions already made by another
RulingAn official decision of a court
RungAny of the cross-bars that form the steps of a ladder
SaboteurOne who practices sabotage
Salve(or Ointment) An oily substance for putting on a cut, wound, etc.
SapientWise and full of deep knowledge
ScaffoldA structure built up from poles and boards for workmen to stand on
ScalpThe skin on the top of the human head
ScepticalUnwilling to believe a claim or promise.
ScrapsPieces of food not eaten at a meal, and thrown away
ScubaAn instrument used for breathing while swimming underwater
SeamA line of stitches ‘joining two pieces of cloth, leather, etc.
SedentaryDone while sitting down
SeerOne who can see into the future
SeismicOf or caused by earthquakes
Seller’s MarketWhere there are not many goods for sale
SensationalismThe intentional producing of excitement or shock
SepticInfected with disease bacteria
SexagenarianOne who is between 60 and 69 years old
SexismThe belief that one sex is not as good as the other
ShamanA priest believed to have magical powers and cure people
ShibbolethA once-important custom which no longer has much meaning
ShootA new growth from a plant
Short-changeTo give back less than what actually should be given back
Siamese twinsThose joined together from birth at some part of their bodies
Side EffectAn unwanted effect happening in addition to the intended one
SignatoryAny of those who sign an agreement
SillThe flat piece at the base of a window
SingsongA repeated rising and falling of the voice in speaking
SkyscraperA very tall modern city building
Sleeping PartnerA partner in a business who takes no active part
Slip-upA slight unintentional mistake.
Small FryA young or unimportant person
SmokestackThe tall chimney of a factory or a ship
SnippetA short piece from something spoken or written
SocialiteA person well known for going to fashionable parties
SociologyThe scientific study of societies and human behaviour in groups
SolidarityLoyal agreement of interests, aims, or principles among a group
SomnambulismThe habit of walking about while asleep
SOSAn urgent message from someone in trouble
SouvenirAn object kept as a reminder of something
SpatialConnected with space
SpectacleA grand public show or scene
SpindleA machine part round which something turns
SplinterA small sharp-pointed piece of wood broken off something
SportsmanshipA spirit of honest fair play
SprigA small end of a stem or branch with leaves
StallionA fully-grown male horse kept for breeding
Standard-bearerAn important leader in a moral argument or movement
StatesmanA political leader who is respected as being wise, honourable, and fair-minded
StellarOf the stars
Sticking PointSomething that prevents an agreement
Stock BrokerOne whose job is buying and selling shares and debentures for others
StoicOne who is indifferent to joys/sorrows
StoogeOne who habitually does what another person wants
StratagemA trick to deceive an enemy
StrategistA person skilled in planning, especially of military movements.
StrideA long step in walking.
Strobe LightA light which goes on and off very quickly
SubcutaneousBeneath the skin
Sub JudiceA legal case being considered in court
SubsidyMoney paid by the govt. to make prices lower
SuperannuatedToo old for work
SuretyOne who takes responsibility for the behaviour of someone
SurrealHaving a strange dreamlike unreal quality
SwarmA large group of insects moving in a mass
Sweet ToothA liking for sweet and sugary things
Sword of DamoclesSomething bad that may happen at any time
TactileOf the sense of touch
Take-home PayWages left after all taxes, pension payments, etc. have been paid
TanneryA Place where animal skin is made into leather
TarotA set of 22 cards used for telling the future
Tautologyis redundancy, which consists of needless repetition of meaning in other words. Example: audible to the ear return back, One after another in succession.
TaxonomyThe system of putting plants and animals into various classes
TechnocratA highly skilled specialist in charge of organisation
TellerOne who is employed to receive and pay out money in a bank
TenureThe act, right, or period of holding land or a job
Territorial watersThe sea near a country’s coast over which it has legal control
TestamentaryOf or done according to a will
ThatchRoof covering of straw, reeds, etc.
ThermalOf heat
ThoraxThe part between the neck and the abdomen
ThromhosisHaving a clot in a blood tube or the heart
TopiaryThe art of cutting trees into decorative shapes
TouchstoneSomething used as a test or standard
TractA short piece dealing with a religious or moral subject
TraitorOne who is disloyal to one’s country
TransientOne who or that which is only of temporary existence.
TransmogrifyTo change completely as if by magic
TranspireIt does not mean to happen or occur but to become known. Example: It transpired at the meeting that he was going to be our next President.
TreatiseA serious book or article that examines a particular subject.
TribunalA court of people officially appointed to deal with special matters.
TroglodyteOne who lives in a cave.
TrousseauThe personal possessions that a woman brings with her when she marries.
Tunnel VisionA condition in which one can see only straight ahead
TurfA surface made up of earth and a thick covering of grass
TutelageThe act of training or the state of being under instruction.
TyrantA ruler with complete power, who rules cruelly and unjustly
TyroOne slightly skilled in or acquainted with any trade or profession.
UnderlingA person of low rank in relation to another
UndermannedNot having enough workers
UnguentA thick oily substance used on the skin
UnisexOf one type used by both male and female
UpholsteryA comfortable covering and filling for a seat
ValiseA small bag used while travelling
VaseA decorative container used to put flowers in
VendorA seller of small articles that can be carried about
VertebrateA living creature which has a backbone
VicissitudeA change, especially a complete change, of condition or circumstances, as of fortune.
VinousOf wine
VoluntaryDone willingly, without being forced
WadeTo walk through water
WalkoutLeaving a meeting as an expression of disapproval
WardrobeA large cupboard in which one hangs up clothes
WastelandEmpty, unproductive, usually ugly land
WaterlooA severe defeat after a time of unusual success
WeaklingOne who lacks physical strength or strength of character
WeanTo transfer (the young) from dependence on mother’s milk to another form of nourishment.
Westher-beatenMarked or damaged by the force of wind. sun, rain. etc.
Wheeler-dealerOne who is skilled at making profitable or successful deals
WhirlpoolA place with circular currents of water, which can pull objects down into it
WholesaleThe business of selling goods to shopkeepers
WitThe ability to say clever and amusing things
WizardOne who has magic powers
Word Blindness(or dyslexia) Difficulty in seeing the difference between letter shape
WorkaholicOne who likes to work too hard
Working knowledgeEnough practical knowledge to do something
WreckageThe broken parts of a destroyed thing
WretchAn unfortunate or unhappy person
XenophobiaFear of strange or foreign people, customs, etc.
Yeoman serviceGreat and loyal service, help, or support
YuppieA young person in a professional job with a high-income
ZeitgeistThe intellectual and moral tendencies that characterize any age or epoch.
ZoologyThe scientific study of animals