Writing - Short Story - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet 01
Short Story

  1. Develop a story on the following outlines:
    A small boy—lives with mother—develops the habit of stealing—Mother does not check—develops the habit when grows—caught—punished
  2. Develop a story on the given outlines :
    The farmer had four sons—brothers kept quarrelling—farmer wanted to teach a lesson—gave them one stick each to break—easily broke—gave a pile of sticks—could not break—learnt a lesson.
CBSE Worksheet 01
Short Story

  1. Habit of Stealing
    There was a boy named Rahul who lived in a small house with his mother in the city of Karnal. When he was about 7-8 years old, he developed the habit of stealing things in his class from other children's bags and pencil boxes.
    Rahul's mother, even after seeing his box, did not ask from where did he get the expensive pencils, erasers, and pens. She was rather happy to see that her son never demanded such things from her. Time passed on and gradually Rahul started stealing more things from his friends and classmates. He did not even hesitate to steal money. He started enjoying his life more than he could actually afford to, and this habit made him a perfect thief. Once when he entered one house to steal the things, he was caught red-handed and was handed over to the police. He was badly beaten by the police and when he was asked that why and how did he become a thief, he blamed his mother by saying that if she had stopped him from childhood, he would not be a thief.
  2. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    There was a farmer. His name was Charan Das. He had four sons Ramesh, Deepak, Jagat, and Ravi. They all kept on quarrelling with one another. Charan Das was very worried as he was getting old. He thought that if his sons will not live unitedly, they will waste the entire wealth. He planned to teach them a lesson. He called his sons to him and gave them one stick each asking them to break it. The boys were surprised at this and could easily break the stick given to them. Then the farmer gave them each a pile of four sticks and asked them to break, no one could do it.
    He told his sons that this shows that if they will fight, they will be alone and easily cheated by others but if they will stay together they can never be cheated, rather they will be strong and do good business. The sons realized their mistake and promised never to quarrel with one another but stay united. This made them happy.