Writing - Notice - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet 01

  1. You are the Cultural Secretary of your school You have been asked to inform students of Classes VI to VIII about an Inter-School Dramatics Competition. Draft a notice in about 50 words to be put up on the school notice board, with all necessary details.
  2. You are Anu Deshmukh/ Anoop Deshmukh, the Sports Secretary of Laxman Public School, Bhilai. Your school has decided to host the regional level volleyball tournament. Draft a notice for your school notice board inviting all the children of your school to cheer for the teams.
CBSE Worksheet 01

  1. ABC School, Meerut
    October 9, 2019
    An Inter-School Dramatic Competition will be held in Tagore Stadium on 20th October 2019. Students of Class VI to VIII can participate in the competition. The willing students should assemble for a trial on October 10, in the school hall. The teacher-in-charge of Dramatics will make the selection.
    Cultural Secretary
    10th November 20XX
    Cheer The Teams!
    A regional level Volley Ball Tournament is being hosted by the school from 1st December to 4th December from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. It's a proud moment for all of us so let's all be part of it. All the students are requested to come and encourage the participants by cheering for the teams that will be playing the tournament. For more information and details, contact the undersigned.
    Anu Deshmukh
    (Sports Secretary)