Writing - Article - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet 01

  1. You have seen many children working in glass and other hazardous factories. You are sad to see this. Write an article for your school magazine giving your views about Child Labour.
  2. Parents today are facing a major problem with their children. They waste most of their time on Facebook and other social networking sites, with the result that their studies and other important activities are neglected. Write an article on the Pros and Cons of Social Networking Sites. You are Vinod Kumar.
CBSE Worksheet 01

  1. Child Labour 
    Child labour is very common in India, especially in hazardous industries like glass factories, carpet factories, etc. In glass factories, one can see children sitting in small cells in front of furnaces and working there. They are not paid well and due to darkness and heat, they lose their eyesight at a very young age. They are so much involved in this work that they forget about anything else. These hazardous conditions make them prone to diseases. They fall ill frequently and many times they even become prey to fatal diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, etc. and because of the shortage of money, these children do not get proper treatment. At the age of playing and studying these children become the earning members of their families. Child labour should be banned and strict actions should be taken against the people who promote child labour.
  2. Pros and Cons of Social Networking Sites
    Social networking has taken today’s youth by storm. Teenagers go crazy over it and spend most of their time in socializing on these sites. At the same time, it has created worry among the parents of teenagers. Parents now fear the worst, when they hear of ruined reputations, cybercrimes, online predators and other dangers.
    When we talk about the pros and cons then there are always two sides of a coin. Let us take the positive aspect of networking first. Social networking sites spread information faster than any other media. These sites are the best source of news. These sites help solve crimes more quickly. The best advantage of social networking sites is for the students. They help a student to do better at school. They can easily discuss educational topics and assignments. Thus, they can score better grades in academics. It also improves relationships and increases friend circle. People can connect with their family and friends living abroad through Skype and e-mail facilities. It helps to stay in touch with friends, they cannot meet regularly.
    On the other hand, the social network spread false and unreliable information, which may harm groups, communities and even nations and these fake news can adversely affect a child who is yet unable to know the difference between right and wrong. Students waste time by playing games and also ape what they do while playing games. There have been instances where children have committed real time crimes because they wanted to score. Also, some games have resulted in children killing themselves. The question that we need to ask ourselves is whether we need so much information so easily and be competitive all the time? If we wish to restrict the children, the parents will also have to restrict their usage of the internet and social sites. Children tend to follow the adults so they first need to do what is expected from the children. Children spend less time in face to face interactions and this leads to self-centred personalities and behaviour. A person may suffer from loneliness, depression, anxiety and general distress.
    To sum up we can say that it’s wise to tread carefully and be aware of the pros and cons before we indulge.