When I set out for Lyonnesse - Solutions

CBSE Class –VIII English
NCERT Solutions
Chapter -  7
Poem - When I Set Out For Lyonnesse

Page No: 110
1: In the first stanza, find words that show
(i) that it was very cold.
(ii) that it was late evening.
(iii) that the traveller was alone.
Ans: (i) Rime
(ii) Starlight
(iii) Lonesomeness
2: (i) Something happened at Lyonnesse. It was
(a) improbable
(b) impossible
(c) unforeseeable
(ii) Pick out two lines from stanza 2 to justify your Answer.
Ans: (i) (c) unforeseeable.
(ii) ‘No prophet durst declare;
Nor did the wisest wizard guess’
3: (i) Read the line (stanza 3) that implies the following.
‘Everyone noticed something, and they made guesses, but didn’t speak a word’.

(ii) Now read the line that refers to what they noticed,
Ans: (i) ‘All marked with mute surmise’
(ii) ‘My radiance rare and fathomless’